2 Ways to create a PIN for your online bank card

2 Ways to create a PIN for your online bank card. Kotak Bank offers an online site to generate a PIN for your Kotak bank card. If you have a Kotak bank account and receive a new bank card, you will need to first generate a PIN to activate the Kotak Debit card and use it online or withdraw money. In this guide, we will learn how to generate a PIN for a debit card online. We will look at different ways you can use PIN online.[Recommended:5 ways to block a Kotak bank card instantly

Requirements for producing Kotak Bank PIN

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  • You must have a bank card number, the professional date for generating a PIN online
  • The mobile number registered to the bank must be with you.
  • Internet Banking User ID and password.
  • Kotak CRN registration number in the Kotak 811 application.

2 Ways to create a PIN for your online bank card

  • Through Internet banking
  • With the Kotak 811 App

How to make a PIN card production for Kotak card via Internet banking

  • First, visit the official website of Kotak bank By Click here
  • Click the login button and enter your CRN and password.
  • Enter this OTP on the next screen and log in to your account.
  • From the main page, click the Debit card option.
  • Now you can view your bank card details, click the Generate PIN option on the page. Click to generate a pin on Kotak internet banking
  • On a new page, select your card number and enter the new PIN that you like. You can enter a four- or six-digit PIN. Enter a new PIN for Kotak internet banking
  • On the new screen, confirm the card number and click the Verify button.
  • Your PIN is now set, and you can use your card to make online transactions or withdraw money from an ATM with a new PIN. Your pin is already set

Creating a Kotak Pin Card generation with the Kotak 811 App

  • Install the Kotak 811 app in the play store or in the App Store. By Click here
  • Sign up for the Kotak 811 application using your registered mobile number, CRN. Create MPIN to sign in to the app.
  • From the homepage, tap the Debit card option from the Category cards. select the bank card option in the Kotak 811 application
  • Now, tap on the Generate PIN option. select the pin selection in the Kotak 811 application
    Enter your six-digit MPIN to confirm.
  • Enter the new PIN you like. Also, re-enter your PIN to confirm that you entered it correctly. set a new PIN from the Kotak 811 application
  • Tap the Send button, and your process of generating a Kotak card PIN is complete.

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