5 ways to block a Kotak bank card instantly

5 ways to block a Kotak bank card instantly. Kotak Bank offers a Debit card facility to the account holder for easy withdrawals / online purchases. But if you lose your card, you will need to disable the bank card immediately. In this guide, we will see how we can block the Kotak debit card right away. All the details are given step by step with simple words.[Recommended: Download Kotak Mahindra Bank statement

Requirements to block Kotak Debit card

  • Mobile number must be used to send/receive SMS.
  • Birthday, CRN number you want to block the bank card via the Kotak website.

5 ways to block a Kotak bank card instantly

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  • By SMS
  • With a missed call.
  • Via Kotak website
  • With the Kotak 811 App
  • By visiting the Bank

How to block a Kotak Debit card via SMS

Open the SMS app on your mobile phone. How to block Kotak Debit card instantly 1
Type the following message in a new SMS. DCBLOCK XXXX (4 numbers to keep your Kotak Debit card number)Send this message toThis process is real-time and when your SMS arrives, your Kotak bank card will be blocked immediately.

Note – With this process, your card will be permanently blocked and you will not be able to unlock it. To temporarily block the card, read the steps below.

Block Kotak Bank Debit card by calling customers toll free number

From your registered mobile number, call 1860 266 2666 how to block a Kotak Debit card 2 times faster
Select an option – Block bank card and confirm your choice. Your card will be blocked immediately.

Note – This method will block your bank card permanently.

Steps to block the Kotak Bank card using the Kotak 811 application

  • Download the Kotak 811 App from the Playstore / App Store and register using your CRN and mobile number. By Click here
  • Sign in to the app by entering MPIN or fingerprint verification.
  • From the application menu below, tap Applications.
  • Tap the Debit Card option from the new page.
  • On the new screen, you can choose to block the card permanently or temporarily.
  • To disable the card permanently, tap the loss card reporting option. Then select the stolen or lost one.
  • Also, select if you want a replacement card and tap the submit option.
  • Tap to lose card report
  • select the reason for blocking the card
  • To temporarily disable the card, tap the Disable bank card option. Then turn off Card Status and click on the Apply Request button below.
  • Tap on an invalid debit card

Visit a bank branch to block your card

If you do not have a mobile phone number with you or do not have online banking details, you will need to visit a bank branch to block the bank card. Visit the nearest Kotak Bank branch. The official will ask you for the account number and the name of the account holder. Once your details are verified, the administrator will block your card

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