A father takes his daughter to an online class on the sidewalk in heavy rain

During the heavy rains in the Indian state of Karnataka, the daughter took an online class on the sidewalk with her father and went viral on social media. The student from Balaka village says that she does not have good internet facility in the village so she has to go outside the village to get a good network. The girl in the picture is forced to take online classes outside her home despite heavy rains due to lack of good internet access. Another student from the village told Indian media that I am a BA student, there is no internet connection in our village and it is very difficult to take online classes without internet.

During Corona epidemic we have 30 to 40 students go out of the village and take online classes, despite the onset of monsoon. We students take online classes from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Remember that during the Corona Lockdown, when colleges and universities were closed, online education gained momentum and as a result, the importance of mobile phones and the Internet increased. Students living in remote areas also needed the Internet. In Pakistan, too, students from rural areas of Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab faced a lot of problems with the Internet.

It seems that even after the lockdown opens, most educational institutions, especially private ones, will promote the trend of online education as it does not require students to come to educational institutions to take classes. Online classes are no less than a blessing for students living in hostels. But only time will tell whether online classes can continue or not.

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