A New Tax has been imposed on all passengers in Kuwait

A New Tax has been imposed on all passengers in Kuwait. The government of Kuwait has made a new announcement regarding the passengers arriving and departing at the airport in Kuwait, on which you will be taxed. While two Kuwaiti dinars have been increased, in this regard, the Minister of State Dr. Abdullah Warsi has announced the action of the Ministries regarding the amendment in the operation fee and the order has been issued.

Now every person, whether he is a foreigner or a resident of Kuwait, will have to pay three Kuwaiti dinars before traveling anywhere, Which will be applicable from 1st June.

A New Tax has been imposed on all passengers in Kuwait

According to Al-Arabiya News Channel, the tax increase for passengers will take place from June 16. It will not be applicable before. An additional tax will be levied on those leaving Quetta or entering Kuwait. In this regard, the airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport will be contacted and further discus. How will you pay this tax? It is manufactured in the pharmaceutical factories of India. Someone has declared it better.

In view of the growing trend in corona cases, entry of all foreigners has been banned for two weeks. After fighting corona cases, shops and restaurants have also been ordered to remain closed at night. Events and sports minutes have also been suspended. Oxford University-developed chrono vascular vaccine has been announced to vaccinate 300,000 people in Kuwait. It has been released. After that it will be decided whether more Syed’s will be allowed to come to Kuwait or not which will be announced later.

Kuwait has announced that it will vaccinate 800,000 people in three months to control the do-it-yourself cases. Now, some government says that by September 2019 All the people will be vaccinated. The time has been kept in mind which will be fully implemented. On the other hand, during the last 24 hours, 900 new cases have come to light in Kuwait and this number is expected to decrease. Instead, it is growing.

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