After a 45-minute delay in the Fajr prayers at the Masjid Nabawi, a major decision will be made

The Grand Mosque and the Masjid Nabawi are the holiest places for the Islamic nation. The sanctity and dignity of these places are more precious to every Muslim than his life, wealth, children, and honor. Millions of people gather here on the occasion of Hajj, and even on ordinary days thousands of people come for prayer and pilgrimage.
An incredible event occurred in the history of the Masjid Nabawi yesterday when the dawn prayer was postponed 45 minutes on Wednesday morning. The accident was the result of gross administrative negligence. Those senior officials were removed by the Two Holy Mosques. After yesterday’s unacceptable incident, it was decided to appoint two imams and three muezzins for each obligatory prayer in the Two Holy Mosques.
And the head of the administration of the Two Masjid Nabawi and the imam of the Kaaba, Sheikh Dr. Abd al-Rahman al-Sudais, issued, from now on, two imams for each prayer and three muezzins. So in case of any emergency, the first muezzin can call the second muezzin at the right time, and if both are not present, the third muezzin will do this duty. Likewise, in every prayer, there is a duty of another imam with a permanent imam so that in case of emergency, the second imam can pray in the place of the first imam.
Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais directed the Committee of Imams and Muezzins to prepare a new schedule for imams and muezzins for Kohar Namaz. In this schedule, it will be ensured that there is no delay in the call to prayer and the residence and imam can be done on time. It is noteworthy that a number of officials were dismissed due to the start of the dawn prayer 45 minutes late in the Prophet’s Mosque on Wednesday, and for negligence in this regard.
Saudi media reported that the head of the administration of the Two Holy Mosques, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, dismissed two senior officials in the administration of the Prophet’s Mosque due to their negligence in performing their duties, and the secretary was dismissed from his position. The Secretary-General for the Administration of the Masjid Nabawi has been given additional responsibility for both positions.
He was also assigned the task of reorganizing the institution, and Dr. Al-Sudais said in a political statement on the occasion of the 2024 Development Program that no negligence in the development process will be tolerated, do your duty properly. Take things one step at a time and try not to focus too much on the problem. Remember that those who are negligent and negligent will be held accountable and all necessary measures will be taken against them

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