Black White and Yellow fungus infections All you need to know about symptoms, prevention

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the second wave of Coronavirus epidemics in India, with an increase in infections and new deaths. To add to the anxiety, a number of related factors, such as obesity, excessive use of steroids in the treatment of COVID-19, black fungus infection or mucous membrane mycosis are beginning to claim lives in India. And they’re already putting pressure on the growing healthcare System.

Although the country is still working to stem the rise in fungal infections, white and yellow fungal infections have also been reported from various parts of India. Although all three are severe fungal infections, the methods of prevention, symptoms, etc. are different from each other.

What is Yellow Fungus

The yellow fungus infection, which is not a new disease, has so far been discovered in Ghaziabad. Some doctors have warned that yellow fungus can be more dangerous than black or white fungus infections because they affect the internal organs.

What causes yellow fungus

Like most fungal infections, it is mainly caused by unhealthy conditions, such as poor hygiene, food/oxygen source contamination. Overuse of steroids and antibacterial drugs can also cause illness. Patients with comorbidities or who are taking immunosuppressants may have an increased risk of infection.

Symptoms of yellow fungus

It starts internally, causes pus leakage, slows wound healing, results in limb failure, and sometimes severe necrosis. At the onset of the infection, patients may experience lethargy as it spreads internally, affects the limbs, and boosts people’s energy. Patients may even lose their appetite or develop poor eating habits, which can eventually lead to poor metabolism as well as abnormal weight loss.

In some cases, the yellow fungus affects the patient’s eyes. In this case, one should pay attention to the redness and narrowed eyes.

What is black fungus?

Macormycetes also called “black fungi”, are caused by a type of mold called Mucormycetes that is present in our surroundings at all times. Although the caustic agent is abundant, the disease itself is rare and affects people who are severely immune and have diabetes-like resistance. Although it can be spread through the air, if the person is in good health, it will not cause any problems, said Dr. Nikhal Tandon, Professor of AIIMS and Head of the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

What causes black fungus?

To treat COVID-19, patients are often given steroid injections that reduce inflammation in the airways, while also affecting a person’s immune system to fight infection. These patients are more likely to be infected with mycoses. People with pre-existing diseases such as diabetes, poor kidney function or cancer, or long-term use of steroids to lower white blood cell levels are more likely to become infected.

Symptoms of black fungus

Mucus affects the patient’s sinuses and lungs and is characterized by symptoms such as swelling on one side of the face, severe headache, nasal congestion, dark sores on the nose or upper part of the mouth, chest pain, shortness of breath. Shortage. , And affects vision. According to many Ames, it can also make it difficult to chew or open the mouth and loosen the teeth.

Doctors say proper use of stimulants and controlling and monitoring blood sugar levels can prevent black fungus infection in COVID-19 patients.

What is white fungus?

Some health experts believe that white fungus or aspergillosis is more dangerous than black fungus because it can affect many parts of the body such as under the nail, skin, stomach, kidneys, brain, and even private parts.

What causes white fungus infection?

Like black fungus, white fungus infection is more common in people with low immunity and pre-existing medical problems such as diabetes, cancer, etc. Aspergillosis can also be detected in patients who have been on steroids for a long time or who have been in the intensive care unit for a long time. Extension period

Symptoms of white fungus

AIIMS Professor Koshal Verma said that infection with white fungus starts in the tongue or private parts, which causes the tongue to turn white. Doctors say the symptoms of this rare fungal disease are similar to those of a stork infection. It also attacks the lungs and can be detected by CT tests.

The most common symptoms of white fungus infection are cough, fever, diarrhea, dark spots on the lungs, and low oxygen levels.

Yellow Fungus Black Fungus In India Report

After black fungus and white fungus, the case of yellow fungus came to the fore even today when AIIMS President Randeep Galleria warned about the “confusion” due to the different coloring of the fungal infection, which depends on the body How affected.
A 45-year-old patient in Ghaziabad was diagnosed with yellow fungus by BP Tyagi, a malnutrition specialist, according to ANI news agency. The same patient had symptoms of black fungus and white fungus, the report said.

According to the doctor, the symptoms of yellow fungus are lethargy, loss of appetite, and weight loss. In severe cases, there may be pus, sores that take a long time to heal, malnutrition, malfunctioning limbs, or narrowing of the eyes.

Dr. Tyagi told ANI that yellow fungus is a malignant infection that starts internally, so it is important to note any symptoms that may help in early detection and treatment. The doctor said that the antifungal injection of amphotericin B was believed to be effective against them, adding that this was the first case of its occurrence.

The doctor said that hygiene, cleanliness, and hygiene are essential to fight the disease, adding that cookies thrive in unhealthy and humid environments.

The report said that the patient with symptoms of yellow fungus had been in the hospital for several weeks and was recovering when the doctors noticed swelling on one side for the last four days. The patient’s eyes were swollen and closed, and he had a runny nose. But NK Gupta, a chief medical officer in Ghaziabad, said he had not yet received any reports of yellow fungus cases.

Speaking at a government briefing on the coed virus, Randeep Jaleria said “many terms” are used for fungal infections in cove patients, and these terms can be misleading and confusing.

“Naming the same fungus based on its color, in terms of the area of ​​infection, is confusing,” he said. In various cases, the incidence of black cookies or sticky coke has increased in the recovery of covid patients. About 10,000 cases have been reported across the country.

“In general, the types of fungi we often see are mycobacterium tuberculosis, candidiasis, and aspergillosis. Mucosal mycosis is more common in cases where the virulence virus is exacerbated by steroids and diabetes. It is most common in the sinuses. Apparently – we call it. Rhinoceros or cerebral palsy. ” It is found in the nose and sinuses and can enter the brain. Sometimes it is found in the lungs – pulmonary acid disease and sometimes in the digestive system. ”

According to Dr. Julieria, Candida is found in people with weakened immune systems and those with strong immunity. “White spots appear in the oral cavity and food pipe. The tongue can also be white. It can also infect other areas, such as the genitals. It can spread in the blood,” he said.

Recent reports have linked Candida infection to white fungus. According to doctors, it affects the lungs and is less deadly than black fungus. It can also affect the nails, skin, stomach, kidneys, and brain.

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