Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

To Get Civil id at Your Home from PACI in Just 2 KD In Kuwait. This Civil ID Home Delivery service very helpful for Every Individual in Kuwait. The Public Authority for Civil Information has launched a service to provide new civil cards to citizens and residents at their homes that address the concerns of people who obtain their Citizen ID cards.

Now they can easily deliver their cards at home using PACI home delivery services. The delivery fee is 2 kW, but if you add each additional card you will be charged an additional 0.25 kW.

In Kuwait, A civil ID card is used to identify or verify people’s identities when communicating with governments, although it is increasingly used in regular private industries, such as mobile phone accounts and Much More.

Steps For Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD From PACI

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Step 1:To Get Civil id at Home First Visit Kuwait Website

Step 2: Select “English” from the main page

Step 3: Now accept the terms and conditions and click the “Start” button to start the process.

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Step 4: On the new page, click “Old Card Available” if you have the old Civil ID.

Step 5: If the old card is not available (for newborns or first-time issuers) then select the ‘Old card option is not available.

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Step 6: Now enter your “Civil ID Number” in the box

Step 7: Enter your card serial number. The serial number will be available on the back of your civil ID.

Step 8: After entering the serial number, press the “Add” button. Your card details will be included. You can also view the total fee for this order. You can add more cards by clicking on the “More Cards” option. Then, repeat all the above actions to add a new card. If you add a new card to the same address, an additional fee of 0.25 KWD will be charged.

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Step # 9: Add an additional card and press “Next”.

Step # 10: On the new page, enter the name, then your card delivery time, and then your contact number.

Step # 11: You can specify morning or evening delivery time, it all depends on your preference.

Step 12: Choose your language (English or Arabic).

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Step 13: If you want to place your card at your card address, click on the card address option. If you want to transfer your card to another address, enter the full address manually with details.

Step # 14: Now click on the “Next” option. This will take you to a new delivery confirmation page. Make sure it is now.

Step 15: After confirming your contact details, click on the “Next” button, if you think they are correct, then click on the next option.

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Step # 16: Click the “Continue” button. A new page opens

Step # 17: Now enter your bank account details and click “Submit”. Your order will be submitted and your receipt details will appear. Print your details or take a screenshot on your mobile phone.

Civil ID Home Delivery Tracking

In the event of a delay in providing your Civil ID, you can check the status of the delivery of the Civil ID or track the application. If you are unable to obtain your civil ID, you should check the status of your application. Follow these steps to check the Civil ID Home delivery status or the Civil ID tracking app

Step 1: Visit the PACI website home delivery option. Click here to view the delivery page.

Step # 2: Click “Options”. It is available at the top right of the PACI supply page

Step 3: Now click on the “Delivery Order Status” option to track your order

Step 4: Enter the Civil ID number in the blank field and click “Search”.

Step 5: On the new page, the current status of your app will appear.

The Authority delivered your Civil Identity Card securely, securely, and privately to ensure the security of your card. They delivered your card in a secure envelope to the address of your choice and the authority logo on the card.

Video Guide Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

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