How To Create Digital Iqama

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched a Digital Iqama for immigrants living in the Kingdom, and it can be activated, downloaded, and stored on your smartphone as a digital ID, without the need for your physical iqama Can be used in various services accommodation In Saudi Arabia. Lots of benefits while Using Digital Iqama In Mobile.

The Saudi government Provides greater convenience to all immigrants by allowing them to use digital iqama instead of a residence card. In Saudi Arabia, it is also called “digital ID”.

You no longer need to carry your residency card. You can show your digital residence to your staff using your cell phone. Following the announcement, an inquiry into previous salaries began. How to enable digital housing

How to Create Digital Iqama?

Create Digital Iqama In mobile is Very Easy. Digital Iqama Can be Activated by Two Methods first with Absher Individual and Second Through Tawakkalna App. Here is a Complete Procedure to Create Digital Iqama.

  1. With Absher Individuals
  2. Through Tawakkalna App

Create Digital Iqama From Absher App

To Create Digital Iqama In this method of digital iqama activation, First, you have to download the app Absher app from the google play store Click here

Now log in To Your Account with your Absher ID and password. ·

Then click on the My Services tab To Create Digital Iqama

How To Create Digital Iqama

Now Final Step you will simply click on the Activate Digital ID button To Create Digital Iqama. Now Finally You Have Successfully Created Your Digital IqamaIN Mobile

Create Digital ID with Tawakkalna App

Follow these simple steps to Create your digital ID with Tawakkalna App The Method is Really Simple Here is a procedure.

First of all, install Tawakkalna App from Playstore By Click here

Log in to Your Account by using Absher ID and Password, same as in the previous method we Mention Above

Click the Digital Document tab on the bottom of the home page To Create digital Iqama Click on this button.

Then scroll down and click on the ‘Iqama ID’ button to Create Digital Iqama

How To Create Digital Iqama

Now you can watch your digital iqama in Your Mobile

Hope We Sare Best method with you Creating Digital Iqama In Your Mobile. If Any Questions comment below.

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