In Few Days Get Free Posters by Mail Near You

Whether it’s for your classroom, office, or home, you may be looking for some free stickers. From free calendars and maps to wall art to free wallpaper, samples can be found online for free, there are many such things. In today’s post, I’ll cover something else you can get for free – Stickers

Yes, you can actually get free stickers in the mail. Many of these educational posters are designed for teachers, but there are also many when you are not a teacher.

Below, I’ll give you a list of the best places to email your stickers. Next, I cover some tips to send you more stickers. Finally, I’m going to introduce you to some great websites where you can create and print printed posters on your own, including wall hangings at home!

Places that send free poster in the mail

I’ll start by making a list of the best places to send free stickers directly to your home.

1. Dr. Arbor talks about trees
If you are a teacher, you can grab the “Dr. Arbor Talks Tree Tree Poster” from the University of Illinois Extension. Just complete the form to get the sticker.

Get free Dr. Arbor Tux tree decisions here.

2. Discover The World Education
If you are a teacher, you can get a plethora of free posters in the mail from Discover the World Education. There is a selection of scientific and geographical posters to choose from this feature volcano. The site only sends posters for applications from valid school addresses and school email addresses.

Get free global education publications here.

3. CDC
The CDC offers a selection of eye health posters. You can choose what you like and email them directly to you. The stickers are 11 x 7 in size, and you can order multiple copies! The maximum of one sticker is 100! So this is a great place to get eye precision stickers!

Get your free CDC stickers here.
4. WWF
You can get a free fundraising package that includes a poster for the WWF. All you need to do is tell the WWF what kind of fundraising you are considering.

Get your free WWF stickers here.

5. We Are Teachers
WeAreTeachers presents a poster in the background with the words “everyone is welcome” and the word “welcome” in multiple languages. This post is designed to promote a positive, welcoming and exciting atmosphere in schools.

Although originally designed for teachers, this poster is available to everyone. Just enter your email address to receive it.

Get your free WeAreTeachers stickers here.

6- Younis Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Children’s Health and Human Development (NICHD)
NICHD will send posters about maternal mental health. The poster is part of a mental health initiative on depression and pregnancy anxiety. Stickers are available in 5 sets, with a maximum of 2 sets, for a total of 10 stickers. This poster measures 17 x 23 inches and shows signs of depression and anxiety about pregnancy.

Get a free NICHD poster here.

The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), a US Department of Agriculture agency, offers a selection of posters. The posters cover topics ranging from pollen to soil health to energy conservation.

Your NRCS Get the USDA sticker here.

8. TNT Fireworks
If you join the TNT Club, TNT Fireworks will give you a free poster. That’s not all. You can also get free tattoo stickers, magnets, and tattoos.

Get a free TNT fireworks poster here.
9. Academy of American Poets
The American Academy of Poets will send you a poster for National Poetry Month 2021 in April. Just complete the online form! If you want to help this organization, send 100,000 free posters to teachers, librarians, and more across the country.

Get a free poster of the Academy of American Pots here.

10. Sleep Education
Get a free sleep education poster. You can order 16-inch by 22-inch posters, and from the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine will send you a free poster!

Get a free poster of sleep education here.
11. National Institute for Drug Abuse
The National Institute on Drug Abuse presents educational posters on the effects of drug abuse and the misuse of prescription drugs. There are several different stickers to choose from. And you can get it for free.

Get your free drug abuse posters here for free.

12. US Government Publishing Office Pueblo Distribution CenterĀ  ( US GPO PDC )
You can get a free poster from the Pablo Distribution Center of the US Government Publishing Bureau. You will receive it in the dig! Stickers set You will be given a set of six stickers displaying fruits and vegetables. Horizontal posters are 24 x 36 inches, and vertical stickers are 36 x 24 inches.

Get a free American GPOPDC poster here.

Other ways to get Posters for free

Well, above, I have provided you with a lot of sites that will send you free stickers in the mail. But I actually have some suggestions for more information.

13. Check on the freebie website
Fraud sites are great because you can find all kinds of free stuff in one place. Basically, fraudulent sites collect free stuff from different places and put it all in one place. So you can easily find what you are looking for. You can find everything from free hair care samples to free pens on these sites. Of course, many fraudulent websites have a section where you can find free stickers.

Here are some examples of sites with free stickers.

  1. Freebie Panda
  2. Free samples by Mail
  3. Hunt4 freebies
  4. Freaky Freddie
  5. Complimentary Crap

I highly recommend that you put surf on these sites to see if you can find any stickers you want in the mail.

14. How to get free Posters from companies
There are many companies that send you things for free. If you want some extra stickers, you can contact the companies directly. Many companies send promotional items such as stickers to their customers. So if you call, ask them to donate some promotional posters. Can be Sure, it won’t always work, but it will be worth the effort.

Contact 2 companies and see if they have any promotional items like send stickers mail.

Want to know how to get free stickers from companies?

Well, it’s really easy!

Most companies have a contact page on their website that includes a list of contact methods.

This may include:

  1. E-mail
  2. Telephone
  3. Live conversation
  4. Miles
  5. Contact form

Choose the contact method you want and then politely request a supplement.

The keyword is polite. Don’t ask too much. Just tell the company that you enjoy their product and wonder if they have any additional promotional materials like stickers that they want to email you.

15. Look Out For Giveaway and other promos

Again, some companies offer promotional materials, such as stickers, for free. So be sure to check out the gifts and other promotions.

Here are some ways you can get gifts, contests, and other promotions where you can get free stuff.

Email List: You can subscribe to many brands of an email list and it will send emails with gift details to users.

Official Website: Some brands offer specials on their sites, so you can find free details there.

Social Media: Some brands and stores post details about gifts on their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok. So follow the companies on social media so you stay up to date on gifts and other freedoms.
Free Posters to print
Another option to consider is to make your own stickers. There are many sites with stickers that you can print out for free. So, basically, you can make your own poster.

16. Canva
Canva offers a selection of stickers that you can download for free. Now, when I looked in the free section, one sticker on which I tried to download the prices, but I managed to download the other two stickers for free. Just make sure you choose the free option. Click the download button on the form you want, and it will download a copy of the poster that you can print.

17. Poster My Wall
Poster My Wall, a free poster-making company, lets you create custom stickers for free! It includes hundreds of templates and free downloads. So you can create stickers in minutes. You can download base images for each design for free!

18. Block Posters
Block poster allows you to create your own poster that you can print at home. You need to upload a photo, which could be a holiday photo or a photo of your favorite band, and then you can print it out.

19. Unsplash
Unsplash offers some high-quality images that you can print for free. This is a great place to hide a free poster at home. There are so many great pictures to choose from

Closing thoughts

If you want to hang some free wall stickers, be sure to try the above options once. Do you have any tips on getting free stickers? If so, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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