Sites that Pay You to Answer Questions Online

Want to pay to answer questions? Answering questions is an easy way to make money. And there are many ways to do this. It can be as simple as answering a question online, answering a quick poll, or helping students with a household chor. Question and answer sites for paid advice. Can you pay for the advice? Well, you can! Through these sites below, users ask questions and you give them answers like experts.

Now, anyone can sign up for some of these sites. There is a strict application policy for others, so you must check the requirements of each specific site to see if you are eligible. Some of these sites pay a good price, while others can only earn you a few dollars.

Here are some Q&A sites that pay you.

1. My Lot
MyLot is a discussion board and online forum where you can be paid to make valuable contributions to the site’s community. Whenever you start a discussion, respond to a discussion, or comment on a discussion, you are contributing to earnings. How much money you earn from the discussion, response, or comment depends on the interest and value of the site’s forum.

The more users of the site engage with your post, the more money they will earn. So if someone reads your post, doesn’t communicate with them, or doesn’t consider something interesting, chances are you won’t get anything. When you earn $ 5, you can withdraw your winnings. Payment has been sent to your PayPal account.

2- Experts 123
Experts 123 is an answer site with JustAnswer where you can earn money by answering people’s questions. The difference is that instead of earning cash from scratch with Experts 123, you get experience points for answering questions and writing articles that you can redeem later for rewards. Offers revenue sharing program. Payment for articles is from 10 to 20 per article and you are paid directly to your PayPal account.

3. Weegy
VJ is a Q&A site where you can earn money by answering questions. You are paid about 20 20 0.20 for each question you answer.

4. JustAnswer
JustAnswer is a Q&A website. There, you can earn money for answering questions in various forms such as medicine, legal and veterinary medicine.JustAnswer has appeared in major news outlets such as CNN, NBC, and FOX.

According to Just Answer, on-site experts earn سے 2,000 to 7 7,000 a month to answer questions in their field of expertise. When applying, you will need to provide the relevant license or certificate, and the site also does security checks. It works with a third-party verification company to verify your credentials, which takes a few days.

5. Maven
You can set your hourly rate with Main. When the site finds a potential match for your expertise, it will contact you. You can answer written questions and provide your skills over the phone, and you can take part in big projects or get a job to earn big consulting fees.

6. Presto experts
PrestoExperts hires freelance experts and educators. You can set your own rates, which is a good thing. You can reach people who need your teaching experience or skills by using the live chat, email, or Presto Express Voice Connect feature.

After enrolling, you will be asked to create an online profile where you can list your qualifications, education, specialization, and any other information you would like to know about clients seeking help. Next, you can choose how you want to interact with users, such as chat, voice, email, or all of the above.

Your profile will appear in a list of available categories and people will find you by your niche or keywords. You can set and rate your rates whenever you want. According to the site, the more clients you connect to the Internet, the more clients they will find. The main categories of this site include teaching, consulting, technical services, and programming services, but there are other categories available on this site. You pay via PayPal or PayPuner.

7. Wonder
Wonder hires researchers to answer people’s questions. The site needs more in-depth research and feedback than some of the other sites listed. If you enjoy researching and writing, this might be a good site for you.

You can browse open applications and research the question of your choice. Payment varies. According to online reports, you can earn $ 6 $ 8 for easy questions and $ 35 for more difficult questions. Also, in fact, Wonder Researchers earn $ 19 an hour.

8. gives you points when you answer questions. The more replies you send, the more points you get. You can redeem your points for prizes such as Amazon Gift Cards and Wal-Mart Gift Cards. The number of points you earn depends on the activity. For example, you can

  1. 100 points for answering a question.
  2. 10 helpful answers.
  3. When presenting evidence, 250 points consist of 1 to 10 pages.

You can redeem points for gift cards – for example, you’ll need 50,000 points to redeem an Amazon 10 Amazon gift card and 125,000 points to redeem a 25 Wal-Mart gift card. Therefore, compared to other sites on this list, does not provide you with the fastest way to make money.

9. Answeree
The answer is a website where you can earn rewards by answering questions. You can register on the site and post the correct and helpful answers to the questions. Then you can start earning answers. You will receive points, including 10 points for each answer and 5 points for each comment. Also, you can earn up to 500 amazing points for high-performing jobs in search engine results. 10 points equal one cent.

Payment is sent via PayPal or Scroll.

10. Needle
Sui has partnered with a number of online retailers who know and use their products to provide a direct product experience to shoppers like you.

If selected, you can chat with customers online and help them find the right product. For answering customer questions, you will be reimbursed for the points you can reclaim for the product. So, it does not offer money, but it gives you free stuff to talk to customers about. By the way, if you like cash instead of free stuff, check out our post on how to pay for online chatting

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