Hassan Raza Driver Change luck in Dubai

Hassan Raza Driver Change luck in Dubai. Hassan Raza, who drives in the UAE, has won a major cash prize in the singing competition to the surprise of anyone, he plans to drive to Dubai, but his great singing power would not make him the owner of so much money.

Hassan Raza Driver Change luck in Dubai

hassan raza driver win singing competition in dubai

Such is the fate of Hassan Raza, a Pakistani pilot who has lived in Dubai for a very long time. Hassan Raza, who is running a tragic compensation, won prize money of $ 15,000 for his singing in a traditional singing program, which is almost a dollar. 6.5 million in Pakistani currency.

The prize money will cover many of the health issues of Hassan Raza. According to the Khaleej Times, 29-year-old Hassan Raza won the grand prize for his excellent singing at a talent show called the ‘Western Association Camp Champ’.

This award is equivalent to 10 months’ compensation. The skills show was hosted by more than 2,000 exotic experts from across the UAE, and Hassan Raza finally beat everyone who came, beating everyone else.

Hassan Raza, who looks very happy to have won so many rupees, said, “I have come to Dubai a long time ago to work. I am the only provider of my mother team, four brothers and two sisters. a lot has happened to me today.

I have no words to convey my satisfaction. All my life I have watched TV dramas not written on TV. Just once, as a teenager, I had the opportunity to take an interest in Pakistani music. Besides, after coming to Dubai, all I could think about was driving and making money. So I kept this hobby in my heart for a long time.

Luckily, at this talent show, I had the opportunity to inspire the magic of my singing. The singing that has brought me so much money today is that I have been able to reduce a large number of things that worry my family. It should be noted that this time the 14th edition of the ‘Crown Western Association Camp Champ’ was hosted on the web. In this controversy, the expertise of extraordinary professionals is at the forefront.

This time the unwritten TV drama began in January when 2,000 staff members from 50 specialist centers in the UAE claimed participation. 32 employees reached the quarter-final stage in February, with only 12 professionals advancing to the final stage and seven professionals entering the final stage. The final match was shown live on the Facebook page of ‘Camp Champ’ where Pakistan Hassan Raza was awarded the first prize. All the judges of this controversy were important characters related to the Indian singing industry

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