How Can I Download My Civil ID In Kuwait

In today’s article, we will talk about how you can download your Civil ID from your mobile and use it, for example, if you have a visa, your civil ID is ready, you don’t know it. Whether you have created a Civil ID or not, whether you have a visa or not, you can download your Civil ID and use it on your mobile. Recommended:How Can I Pay My Civil ID In Kuwait

Your civil ID has been created and you don’t know and if you are applying for your visa then you need a CivilĀ  ID Copy or ETC and you can’t get it or take it there. There is a very good way. In full detail, we will explain how to download and use your Civil on your mobile.

Steps To Download Civil ID In Mobile

Downloading your Civil ID card to your mobile phone is very easy and very useful for you. because you can’t always keep your Civil ID card in your pocket which could cause it to be lost or whatever. The advantage of having a download on mobile is that you can view it at any time and use it By entering a Password.

How Can I Download My Civil ID In Kuwait

  • First Download Kuwait Mobile ID By Click here
  • Install In Your Mobile and Open. To Download Kuwait Civil ID in Mobile, You Need to first create an Account In Kuwait Mobile iD.
  • Click Online Registration Option for Creating Account
  • Now Enter Your Civil ID number, Card Serial Number for Non- Kuwaiti Enter Your Passport Number Email Address and Mobile Number and Check-In I Agree term and services and Click Next Button
  • Take Your Picture and Chose Your secret PIn Code for Later Login Kuwait Mobile IDand Click On Confirm Button.
  • Now Your Civil ID Com In Your Mobile You can also download it and use it by taking a screenshot

How Can I Download My Civil ID In Kuwait

Civil ID will now appear on the screen of the mobile in which your photos, Civil ID number, date of birth of your nation, passport number, and also your complete residential address along with the police mail ID information that you will receive. Can be used anywhere you want


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