How Much Fitrana To Pay 2021 in Pakistan

Fitrana is a very Important Obligation for Muslims in Islam. Throughout the month of Ramadan, you can pay Fitranaon any date It is commanded in Islam to give zakat or Fitrana before performing Eid prayers. Mufti Munibur Rahman announced that the amount of Fitrana 2021 in Pakistan is 140 rupees per person. You can pay Fitrana between Rs. 140 and Rs. 150 per person in 2021.

How Much Fitrana To Pay 2021 in Pakistan

If you don’t know when to introduce or How Much Fitrana 2021, just remember that Fitrana has to be paid after Ramadan ends. Therefore, sadaqah al-Fitr” becomes mandatory immediately after sunset on the last evening of Ruza. After seeing the crescent of Shawwal, every adult Muslim who Fitrana must pay it before the namaz of Eid.

According to Islamic, the Fitrana amount in 2021 is Rs 140 to Rs15o. TheFitrana is paid before the Eid al-Fitr prayer at the end of Ramadan and is obligatory for every adult Muslim who has extra food (more than he needs). It is also called Zakat al-Fitr (Fitrana). To add more information, Mufti Munidur Rahman announced that the charity, Fitrana rates for Pakistan 2021 are Rs. 140.

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