How to block an ICICI credit card immediately

Sometimes You Need Emergency and want to know How to block an ICICI credit card immediately ICICI bank cardholder can now immediately block their card if it is misused or misused. ICICI bank offers a variety of services and ways to lock the card using a mobile phone. You do not need to go to a bank or ATM to block your credit card and you can do this job by staying at home. In this guide, we will see how to block an ICICI credit card within a minute.[Recommended: How To Change ICICI banking address online

Requirements to block ICICI credit card

  • Mobile number required to be registered in a bank.
  • Mobile numbers must be limited to sending SMS.
  • The iMobile app should be installed on your phone if you choose to block the earring credit card with the mobile app.
  • Online banking user ID and password if you choose to block the ear credit card via internet banking.

How to block an ICICI credit card immediately?

  • By sending an SMS
  • With the Mobile app
  • Through Internet banking

How to block an ICICI credit card via SMS?

Credit Card, Master Card, Visa Card

You can send an SMS from your registered number if you know there is an unusual activity with your credit card or you have lost your card. From your registered number, open the messaging app.CICT to block credit card via SMS – BLOCK [space] 4 Card Last Numbers to 9215676766Once the message has been successfully sent, your card will be blocked, and future transactions will be suspended.

Block ICICI credit card via iMobile App?

First, download ICICI App By Click here Sign in to the Mobile application using MPIN authentication OR fingers. If you haven’t used the mobile app yet, find out how to use mobile banking at ICICI bank. Once signed in to the app, tap the Manage Card option. Click on Manage Card in the mobile app.

In the new popup option, you will be asked – “Please confirm if you want to temporarily block your credit card?”. Select OK to block the card. Select ok to temporarily block the credit card earring1
To permanently block the ICICI card tap the Block Card under the Manage card menu. Select a block card on the new screen, select Block type as Permanent and select the reason for blocking the card as your choice, Enter your mobile phone number and email ID again.

select the reason for the block card once you tap the submit button, your card will be permanently blocked. Note – If you temporarily block the card, you can unlock it by following the same procedure. But if you block your card permanently, you cannot open it and you need to apply for a new card via net banking.

How to block an earring card using full banking?


  • Open icici banking website on your phone/computer –
  • From the main menu, click the Customer Service option and from the drop-down menu, click on Service Options.
  • Click on Service Requests
  • Select the credit card box
  • Select a credit card number and click the Send button. Select a credit card number to block
    Your card will be blocked immediately.

NoteĀ  The blocked internet banking card will remain permanently and you cannot block it. You must apply for another card.

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