How To Change Mobile Number In IDFC Bank

IDFC First Bank has just started its business in India and is doing very well. The bank provides all digital services to its customers to facilitate banking in their hands. To access Digital Banking services you need to have a mobile number connected to your account. If you have recently changed your mobile number or lost your currently connected number, you will need to change your mobile number to IDFC First Bank online. [Recommended: How to change Nominee In IDFC Mobile bank

Change IDFC First Bank Mobile Number: When we open a bank account at any bank, whichever bank they are asking to provides various details. We must provide them with our name, address, income, etc. They asked us to give them proof of that well. Generally, we use our PAN Card as proof of ownership and our Aadhaar Card, Voting ID, Ration Card as proof of our addresstexts. This means that to obtain an address, income, and ownership we must provide the documents. But there is some details they do not ask for proof of it.

What do you think it could be?

So let me tell you what I’m talking about, and that is the phone number and email address you provided for the bank. They may ask you to verify your address, identity, and income but will not tell you to prove that you are using this specific mobile number or email address. I am sure you are one of the executives of IDFC First Bank. I know you to say that because you want details about this bank. In my article, I will tell you the process though

Methods To change the mobile number at IDFC First Bank.

If you have opened a bank account with this bank and now you have changed your mobile number. After that, the article says will definitely help you with this. Key mobile number and security of your bank account. When I say your mobile number and your IDFC security’sFirst Bank account. It may sound funny but it is actually not funny and it is very important in all aspects of your bank account security.
I will explain how important it is to your bank account. And I will also tell you the steps to change the mobile number on the IDFC First Bank account. The process of switching a mobile phone number into other bank accounts is a daunting task. Because you will need to go to the local branch office where you have your bank account and fill out a form or write a letter of application. Refer referred to your branch manager to change the mobile number in your bank account.

Requirements to change the mobile number at the first IDFC online banking

You must have an Internet Banking ID and password to access online banking
The IDFC Bank App must be installed on your phone and you must know the PIN to unlock the app.
Your new mobile number must be with you and must work to obtain OTP verification.
Bank card number, Expiration date, CVV, and ATM PIN are required to change the mobile phone number.

How to convert the mobile phone number to IDFC First bank online with IDFC App

  • Download the IDFC Bank App on your android or iOS smartphone. You must subscribe to an application using your pre-registered mobile phone number.
  • Open the app on your smartphone and sign in with a 4-login pin.
  • On the homepage, click the menu icon to open the sidebar on the left.
  • Now, tap the service request option from the menu and select the option to create a service request.
  • From the new menu, select the Mobile Number Change. Tap the option to change the mobile number in the idfc app
  • Find the Basic Mobile Number section on the new screen by scrolling down.
  • Tap the Edit Icon and enter your new mobile number without the country code (+91) .put the new mobile number into the idfc app
  • Then tap the OK button to link a new number to your account.
  • Now, on the new screen, you can view your old mobile number and a new mobile number. Confirm the new mobile number and tap the Confirm button. Confirm the new mobile number to switch to the idfc app
  • On the new screen, you must enter the IDFC bank card details which mean the card number, expiration date, CVV number, and ATM number. Then Tap on the Send button to save changes. Enter debit card CVV pin etc in ifdc app
  • Once all details are verified, your new mobile number will be linked to your account. This will take 24 hours to get started. After 1 day, you can sign up for UPI Apps and get OTP, etc.

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