How To Check Visa Status With Passport Number UAE

A visa is an official document that allows its holder to enter a foreign country legally. The visa holder’s passport is usually stamped or affixed. There are several types of visas, each giving its holder different rights in the host country.

Living in UAE Do you remember the expiration date of the UAE visa? To check UAE visa status, you can either keep your passport with you at all times or learn other ways to check UAE visa validation on the go. So next time you wonder how to check visa status in UAE, check out some of these online channels.

How To Check Visa Status With Passport Number UAE

How To Check Visa Status With Passport Number UAE

The UAE Government is Very Advance Provide any Type f Services. The UAE has a portal to help you access visa-related services. To verify a UAE resident visa using this method, you need your passport number.

It’s easy to verify your stay with the UAE’s online visa verification services Here’s how to check UAE resident visa status online. If you are looking for a “Dubai Visa Check with Passport Number” then this is the service you need to use.

To Check Visa Status First Visit UAE ICA website Click here

Select “Change Language” and click on English

Click on the “Passport Information” tab

Select “Visa” or “Residence” depending on the type of visa

Enter the passport number and the expiration date of the passport

Select your nationality from the drop-down list

Check the Captcha checkbox before clicking on the Search tab

If the information you provided is all correct, the page will show all visa details, including the UAE visa expiration date In Fron of You.

Check Visa Status With Passport Number From GDRFA WEBSITE

The GDRFA, or General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, is a government agency that regulates the entry and exit routes of international travelers from Dubai, as well as the residence of foreign nationals in the city.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) is responsible for handling and responding to all UAE visa regulations, requests, inquiries, and concerns. So far, Dubai has only one separate portal that allows you to check UAE visa status online.

Confirm visa status wherever you want, whenever you want by checking Dubai visa status
If you live in Dubai, here’s how to check UAE visa status using the General Directorate of Resident and Foreign Affairs on the Dubai website.

To Check Dubai Visa Status On GDRGA website Click here

To inquire about a UAE visa for the service you are looking for, select “Residence Validity” from the drop-down list

Enter your resident file number using the year you were issued. You can find the resident file number on the visa page of your passport.

Next, enter your first name according to your passport and specify your gender

State your exact date of birth in the dd-mm-yyy format

Enter the captcha code in the bar provided and click “Submit”

If the details entered are correct, the page will show a green checkmark with your visa details. These details will include your full name, UAE visa expiration date, visa type, and visa number. You do not need to register or enter the login credentials just to check the visa status.

Of course, to verify a UAE visa you need your passport details for each of these methods, but you do not always have them with you. A great way to do this is to keep a scanned copy of your passport on your phone or at least a copy in your wallet at all times. That way, you can verify your UAE resident visa at any time. The same procedure can be applied to check the status of a Dubai visitor visa.

That’s all we have to do with the UAE visa verification process. We hope you find the information useful. Remember, UAE visas must be renewed before they can expire. Staying in the country even after your visa expires will subject you to additional fines in the UAE.

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