How To Get Customer ID Of Axis Bank

Axis Bank offers a wide range of online services to its customers. One major online service is Internet Banking. To access this service, you will need the customer ID of your Axis bank account. In this guide, we will see how to get the axis bank customer ID of your account in an easy way. [Recommended: How to find the password of the SBI account statement

How To Get Customer ID Of Axis Bank

We always get feedback on our Axis Bank guidelines as people keep asking how they got their Customer ID at Axis Bank. If you are one and they want to get it. Axis Bank is one of the banks that offers the best banking features to their customers. Most of the people with a bank account are also very happy. And I’m one of those customers or account holders who are happy with taxis┬áBank-paid service.

Number to 5676782. You will immediately receive an SMS from the bank containing your Axis Bank Customer ID. Standard SMS costs may apply if you send this SMS.

Requirements for obtaining customer bank ID

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  • Registered mobile number – You must have a mobile phone number registered in the bank. Also, the cell phone must be active to receive/send an SMS.
  • Mobile phone numbers must be in order to be able to send SMS.
  • Handbook – The first page of a book review
  • Letter of acceptance – When you open an account, you receive a letter of acceptance.
  • If you have the required documents above you can get Axis bank customer ID without Interner.

How to get Axis bank ID

There are four ways to find out the axis bank customer ID offline.

  1. By sending an SMS
  2. From Passbook
  3. From Check Book
  4. From the Wellcome Book

How to identify the Axis bank customer id by sending an SMS

  • From your registered CUSTID [space] mobile account number. Send to 56161600.
  • You will receive a reply SMS that contains your customer ID

From Logbook check

  • Obtain a passcode for your bank account if it is provided by the bank.
  • On the first page of the passbook, you will find the customer ID and account number, IDFC number, etc.

From obtaining Check Book

  • Get your check provided by the bank.
  • On the first page of the check, you will find the Axis bank ID.

From Wellcome Book

  • Receive your letter of acceptance (issued while opening a bank account)
  • You will find the customer’s ID printed in the Wellcome book.
  • With these four options, you can quickly get your Axis customer ID at home.

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