How To I Change My Civil ID Address In Kuwait

Your Civil ID is made in Kuwait and it contains all the information about where you used to live, such as your name, nationality, your address. At the same time, you will have to change your address to Civil ID because your address is already in the Civil ID where you used to live. Recommended: Kuwait Civil ID Address Check Online 2021

Now you have left this place and moved to a new place, so it is necessary for you to enter your address in the place where you live now. Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for the Change Civil ID Address.

Documents Required To Change Civil ID Address

  • PACI Envelope & English Form
  • 2 4×6 Picture with Blue Background
  • Passport Copy
  • Flat Contract
  • PACI form In Arabic

Steps To Change Civil ID Address In Kuwait

change civil id address-

In Kuwait, if you have changed your location, it is very important to enter the new address in the Civil ID, because, with the help of your New address, the Kuwaiti government will be able to provide services to you.

Just Go To The Public Authority Of Civil Information Headquarter Located In Zahra With All Copy Of Documents. Fill All the service Application Form Available on the website And Pay the Address Change service Fees of 5.250KD.

If you have an Expat and your family is with you and Change Address then A Copies Of each family Member and Orignal copy of Contract House and Other Documents we mention Above.

More Guide About Civil ID Address Change

In Kuwait, with its Civil ID, it can provide mobilization and information and can be shown as a way to a computer-based government. The public ID address is identifiable and it is important that your built-in location should be correct so it does not create another problem identified by your explicit identity.

Those whose current location is not the same as those registered in the public id. You need to buy a colored envelope on the ground from any community or bookstore and obviously PACI south surra. This envelope has a structure in which you need to rotate it

In the architecture you will see PACI NUMBER: this PACI number is available just before your basic entry. See the PACI NUMBER level and not the layout. Go to any administrative center, and have your blood test checked. Visit the PACI administrative center in South Surra,

After viewing your reports, they will take out another facility that they have your level of expertise at the time and offer it to you and ask you to let your level manager sign in the background.

After the level owner has marked the building, place all the required storage space in the earth-colored envelope (Mandatory Notice our Civil ID on the back of the envelope).

Add to the machine, collect your envelope receipt. You need to keep this receipt for you so that if the police ask you about the location, show them your receipt and they will see that your address differences are currently estimated. If You Have Any Other Question Related to Change Civil ID Address Comment Below.

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