How to know a Kotak 811 Account number

Kotak 811 is a zero balance account that you can open by staying at home. You will receive your account opened at Kotak Bank within hours. Managers will come to your address to verify KYC and your Kotak 811 account will be fully upgraded to a Savings account with zero balance and Checkbook Facility and no restrictions on deposits/withdrawals. [Recommended: How to change an address in an IDBI bank account

But since the process is online you will not get a passport in the admission kit, so you do not know the account number in the beginning. In this guide, we will see how we can know my Kotak 811 account number. You can set a portable bank PIN and start using your account immediately.

Requirements to know the Kotak 811 account number

Cheque Guarantee Card, Credit Card

The registered mobile number must be with you while performing the procedure described below.CRN registration number on Kotak App/banking internet. Get to know your Kotak CRN this way.

Ways to know a Kotak 811 Account number

  • Using the Kotak 811 App
  • Through Kotak Banking Internet

How to find out my Kotak 811 account number using the Kotak Mobile App

  • Download the Kotak 811 Mobile Banking App to your smartphone
  • Open the app and register in the app with your CRN and mobile number registered separately via OTP.
  • Create a Six Digit MPIN or enable Fingerprint scanner/pattern.
  • Once you have signed in to the app by tapping the Kotak 811 option from the menu.
  • On the next screen, you can view the Account number, CRN, IFSC number.
  • You can also check your account balance and a small statement of your Kotak 811 account.

How to find out my Kotak 811 account number using Kotak Internet reservations

  • Open Kotak Mahindra Bank’s online banking on your computer/smartphone –
  • Click the login button and enter your CRN and password. Also, enter the OTP detected on your well-registered mobile number and click the Login Secure button.
  • Learn how to sign up for Kotak 811 online banking
  • From the main menu, click on the Banking option and then click on the Kotak 811 option from the left menu.
  • Click on Kotak 811 online banking

How do you know my branch in Kotak 811?

If you need specific details of the ranch name of the Kotak 811 account and IFSC code, you can do it online. Login to Kotak Bank’s website with CRN and password. Click on the Get Support option from the main menu. How to know my Kotak 811 account number you can now view local branch details and branch addresses. In this guide, we have seen how we can know the account number of the Kotak 811. account.

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