How to know ICICI User ID

Very Important for you How to know ICICI User ID this is simple. Do you have an ICICI account or a credit card? If so, you will need to have an online banking facility provided by the bank. To use online banking, you need a user ID and password. The User ID is provided by the bank during the opening of the account or after the approval of the credit card. If you forgot the ICICI user ID, then you cannot sign in to your online bank account. ICICI Bank provides a place to quickly find a forgotten user ID in a few steps.

New Delhi: ICICI Bank’s private sector lender has launched a platform where its customers sign up for their online banking account using their ‘One Time Password (OTP)’ and their bank card PIN. Often people find it difficult to memorize their bank user ID and password because they encounter a problem when entering a banking facility. But with the new ICICI Bank facility, its customers do not need to remember the username and password to log in to their bank account.[Recommended: How to activate ICICI credit card Online

With the new facility customers no longer need to reset their password. Here’s what you need to know about ICICI Bank-based OTP login.ICICI Bank’s OTP-based access point is secure and robust as a two-factor authentication process. First, a 6-digit OTP is made and then sent to the mobile phone number and the customer’s registered email. After installing OTP, customers are required to enter a bank card PIN as a second proof of access to their online bank account.

How to know ICICI User ID?

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The mobile phone number registered in the bank must be with you while performing this process.
Your ICICI bank account or debit card number if you have an ICICI credit card, then you should know the credit card number to get the user ID.P

Procedure to know ICICI user ID

  • First, go to the Official website of ICICI By Click here
  • Click the login button and click on the Get User ID option. Click on the user id if you forgot the user-id
  • In the new window, select an option from the account number, credit card number, credit card number, or travel card number.
  • In the meantime, we will select a credit card number as we only have a credit card. Enter a credit card number in the field provided.
  • Also, enter the mobile number when asked and click the GO button.
  • You will receive the ICICI user ID from your registered user number sent to the registered mobile number
  • Check the SMS you received on your mobile phone to retrieve your user ID.icici ID via SMS
    With these simple steps, you can know the user id if you forgot the ICICI user ID.

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