How To Participate In Jeeto Pakistan

Millions of Pakistani Search In Google How To Participate In Jeeto Pakistan and win Prized. Jeeto Pakistan has become Pakistan’s most popular interactive game TV show. Hosted by Fahad Mustafa, a prominent figure in the TV industry, the show has given the audience great gifts and presents along with some very interesting rules of the game.

Now Participate In Jeeto Pakistan is really easy. Because ARY Digital Provide you a Personal WhatsApp Number to Participate In Jeeto Pakistan and win Prizes

But this article is not about how I feel about this show, let’s move on! Jeeto Pakistan which was launched in 2014¬† has distributed millions of gifts to the people, and thus their humble slogan “Sab Le Jao” lives on. This reality game series includes a number of interactive clips, specially designed to appeal to the audience as well as viewers from their homes.

How To Participate In Jeeto Pakistan

How To Participate In Jeeto Pakistan

If You Want to Participate In Jeeto Pakistan Here are a few steps People can sign up for the program either by phone or through the channel’s website.

Participate In Jeeto Pakistan by Helpline Number You can call 1111-279-111 to register an offer. And Also you can easily send a text message with your name on 0337-0359527, then you can send it to your CNIC number. And a contact number to attend the show.

Participate In Jeeto Pakistan by Online From the Official website To register online for Win  Jeeto Pakistan, follow these simple steps if you Participate In Jeeto Pakistan

Participate In Jeeto Pakistan first Log in to ARY Digital Website
Select Win Pakistan in the program option.
Enter the number of guests and their CNIC number.
Enter a phone number, address, email ID, and county in the options.
Click ‘Submit’.
The registration form will be completed.

Terms & Conditions for Participate In Jeeto Pakistan

When registering to participate in the show, keep in mind certain terms and conditions, such as:
Management is authorized to agree to participate in the exhibition
Management has the right to cancel or terminate the admission of any or all participants in the offer.
Partners are only eligible to partner with the family in Jaito Pakistan.
Incomplete information about any participant will result in possible cancellation of the offer.

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