How to submit a check to SBI Bank via CDM machine

A bank check is still an important payment method in India. Completing a checkbook and paying for it in person is still a matter of course and is the most common payment method used. In this digital age, checking is found to be very disruptive for some people. But some banks have come up with clever solutions to check. In this guide, we see how you can deposit a check in an SBI bank account, which will reduce your time at the bank. [Recommended: How to change detail online at Kotak Bank KYC?

Submit a Check to SBI: A check is a document that tells a bank to pay a certain amount from one person’s bank account to another. Investing in SBI is very easy and there are many ways to do it. No matter what banking check you have, you can deposit it in SBI to receive money in your SBI Account. If you already know the process of completing the check, it’s fine but if you’re not equally sure you can read our article on how to complete the SBI Check. The process for completing a check is the same for all banks. Now, before we tell you how to file a Check with SBI Bank, make sure you have a valid and fully completed Check with you.

Required items to place a check in SBI bank

Plastic Card, Payment, Money

  • Your Account Number
  • Bank Card – The ATM / Debit card must be with you to use the CDM machine.

How to submit a check to SBI Bank via CDM machine

  • Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is an ATM-like machine that collects checks. You need to enter your check into the machine and verify your account details.
  • Go to the nearest SBI CDM and insert your SBI debit card.
  • Enter your bank card PIN.
  • Now, enter the check as shown in the picture on the CDM screen. The shape should be the same as shown in the picture.
  • Before you install the check, make sure the check has no corner bar or fold it in half. If so, make it straight and include a check.
  • After entering the check, a check image will be displayed on the screen. Make sure the check is properly scanned and press the VERIFY button.
  • Now, you will receive a printed check receipt with the check number specified in it. Confirm the details and leave the machine.
  • after a few days, you will receive money in your account.

To receive a deposit on the same day follow this method

  • Go to the SBI branch you have an account with.
  • Request a deposit slip at the help desk.
  • Complete the deposit slip with your account number, check number, check the issuing bank name, branch name, etc.
  • Make sure you specify a PAN card number if the value is greater than 50,000 Rs.
  • Attach this slide to your check and send it to the deposit.
  • On the same day, your money will be credited to your account if the check is received correctly.
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Can I file a check in any SBI branch?

Answer – Yes, you can submit a check to any SBI branch in India. Just make sure there are two sections on the drop-off box – local checks and temporary inspections. Place the check in the correct room.

2. How do I file a check?

Answer – First look at the CDM machine in the bank it is very easy to put a check on the CDM. secondly use the drop-off check box at the bank branch, complete the slip and attach it to the check and drop off the withdrawal box. Third, check the counter and the completed slip.

3. What is the fastest way to file a check?

Answer – The fastest way to file a check and earn money by a checking bank. Go to the bank that issued the check and get the cash. This will only work if the check is complete. The check you need will need to go to your bank branch and submit a check to get the money on the same day in your account.

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