How to track ICICI card transfer details

Today we know How to track ICICI card transfer details. The ICICI credit card offers a variety of benefits and services to its customers. In case you have applied for an ICICI credit card and want to follow the same referral status, then this guide is for you. In this guide, we will see the ICICI credit card tracking step by step.[Recommended: How to make ICICI bank registration online

Requirements for ICICI card tracking

  • Credit card tracking number – You will receive this number via SMS and E-mail.
  • Mobile Number – Registered mobile number for iMobile Banking App. (In case you do not have a tracking number).

How to track ICICI card transfer details?

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There are two ways you can track the delivery of your ICICI credit status. You can track a credit card with a tracking number received via SMS or email. Also, you can track ICICI credit cards even without following the id. We will see both ways.

ICICI credit card tracking using a tracking ID

Step 1: First, check the SMS or email to get the tracking ID of the postal company that sent the card

Step 2: Open the link provided by SMS or email tracking card.

Step 3: enter the tracking number in the given field and click on the Track Shipment button. track credit card earring

Step 4: You can view the status of your credit card earrings. You can also check your expected credit card delivery date delivery using the tracking number

ICICI credit card tracking without tracking number.

In case you haven’t received a tracking number, but your card has been sent there then you can track your card status using the Mobile App.

Step 1: Download the ICICI iMobile App to your smartphone By Click here

Step 2: Now, you must register with the iMobile App using your registered mobile number and credit card details. You will need to verify the mobile number by installing OTP.

Step 3: In the last step, enter the credit card PIN to complete the registration. If you do not have a credit card PIN, then create an ICICI credit card PIN by reading this guide.

Step 4: Set the App Login PIN of your choice for easy access. You can also set up a Fingerprint reader for instant login.

Step 5: Once you are logged in to the iMobile App, select the Services option from the menu below. Click the Services option in the mobile app

Step 6: Now, tap on Check Status and select a follow-up tracking. Choose a track track

Step 7: Select the card number and click the Send button.

Step 8: You can now view your ICICI credit card status on the credit card tracking screen using the mobile app

In this way, you can easily track ICICI credit card tracking with or without a tracking number.

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