How to View IDFC bank account statement online

IDFC Bank is a new bank in India and offers many online services to its customers so that they can easily access banking services. One such service is a bank account statement to download online. In this guide, we will see how to view/download the IDFC online banking statement online. Step-by-step information is provided in simple terms, so you can get your account statement within minutes.[Recommended: How to check credit card application online

The account holder can perform multiple tasks after opening an Account at IDFC Bank. However, if you want to view all transaction details, you need to get an IDFC bank account statement. The Bank Account Statement does not provide you with all the details of your transaction, and it serves as proof of address.  Don’t forget to read our previous articles on reopening a dormant IDFC Bank account and the process of transferring an IDFC Bank Account to another Branch.

Requirements for IDFC online bank account statement

  • User IDFC for Internet banking ID and password
  • The IDFC banking application must be downloaded and activated on your phone to view the account statement on your phone.
  • The registered mobile number must be with you and work to receive SMS OTP.

How to download IDFC bank statement online

There are two ways to download or view an IDFC bank statement.

  • With online banking IDFC
  • With IDFC Bank App for smartphone,
  • we will see both methods in detail –

How to view the IDFC online banking statement via IDFC banking internet

Step 1: Open the IDFC banking website on your computer/smartphone –

Step 2: Enter the user ID and password and click on the below LOGIN button. If you have online banking access read our guide on How to Apply for IDFC Online Banking online. Login to idfc bank internet banking

Step 3: Once you have logged in to your account, from the main dashboard menu click on the My Account option and select the account number you want to download the statement. Click on the account at idfc internet banking

Step 4: Click the transaction view button and select the start and end date of your account statement. Log in to idfc bank internet banking

Step 5: You can also select options such as “Current Financial Year” or “Previous Financial Year” to view the account statement for the year.

How to view an IDFC bank statement using the IDFC App

Step 1: Download the IDFC Mobile app for your Android or Apple smartphone.
Download the IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile App for Android. Download the IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile App for iOS

Step 2: Activate the application using the Interring User Id and Password. And yourself by entering the OTP obtained from your registered mobile number.

Step 3: Sign in to the app by entering the 4 Digit PIN or Fingerprint Authentication.

Step 4: After successful navigation, tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the app.

Step 5: Now tap the My Account option and delete your account. Tap from my accounts in the idfc banking app

Step 6: On the new screen, select the start and end date to view your selected time statement. Log in to online banking idfc. This is how you can easily view an account statement using the IDFC banking application.

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