Inflation in the country has come down to 0.59 %

Inflation in the country has come down to 0.59%, prices of 14 items have gone up in a week, prices of 9 items and 28 items have remained stable. ۔ According to the details, the Bureau of Statistics has released weekly inflation data. In one week, the inflation rate decreased by 0.59%, in one week, prices of 14 items increased and prices of 9 items decreased. Last week, prices of 28 items remained stable. Among the items that declined in price were chicken by 16.19 per cent last week. Pulses became cheaper by 2.38% and dal mash by 1.74%.

Potatoes, sugar and flour are also among the cheaper items. Similarly, onions rose by 12.01 per cent, tomatoes by 8.06 per cent last week, garlic by 1.53 per cent and mutton by 1.16 per cent last week. The textile industry grew by 3.39% in one year. The food, beverage and tobacco industries grew by 2.52%, while the pharmaceutical industry grew by 0.96%. The automobile industry grew by 1.68%. On the other hand, Federal Minister for Finance Shaukat Tareen signaled an increase in inflation.

Talking to a private TV channel yesterday, he said that the petroleum levy would have to be increased from Rs 20 to Rs 25. Will increase The IMF knows we have announced the budget, we have shared our plan with the IMF, we cannot get out of the IMF program, the prices of petroleum products in the world have increased by 120%, we Only 34% increase, the price of petroleum products has not increased for a month and a half, now if the prices of petroleum products increase, we will also have to increase prices, the increase in prices of petroleum products will increase inflation.

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