#justiceforhareem only 3 Years Hareem Unbelievable

On Thursday the young lady’s body was found in a channel nearby. It was recovered and shipped off the KDA divisional base camp clinic.

As per police, the young lady disappeared a day sooner and a first data report (FIR) was held up regarding her vanishing on the grumbling of her granddad. Local people, the group of the young lady, and police officers looked for her as the night progressed, the police authorities added.

#justiceforhareem only 3 Years Hareem Dead after abduction in Kohat


In the meantime, the casualty’s family and occupants of the territory held a dissent on College Street, Kohat, requesting that they be given equity. The group of the four-year-old asserted that she had been explicitly attacked.

Wajahat Kazmi twite

Extremely sad and shattered after reading and seeing the images of a 3-year-old little baby girl from Kohat who was abducted yesterday and found dead today. I urge and request the govt on all forums to take the strictest measures & action against this brutal act 

Then again, police authorities said while they speculated the minor young lady was attacked, it had not at this point been affirmed through a clinical report. A senior police official said that police had not at this point got the clinical report. The report would explain if the young lady had been attacked, he added.

Then again, 13 suspects have been arrested and their examples sent for DNA testing.

The homicide of the three-year-old young lady Hareem started an overflowing of fury and distress on the web. While the episode set off irate exhibitions in the city nearby, web-based media clients have united behind the hashtag #Justice Hareem to call for a move to be made by the specialists.

Prior, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa enrolled 182 instances of kid sexual maltreatment during the initial eight months of 2020, as per police information. Four of those cases were identified with murder after the attack. The four instances of homicide after the attack were accounted for in Mardan, Nowshera, Mansehra, and Kohat.

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