Kuwait Airport will open at the end of June

The Gulf state of Kuwait has also been hit by the Koronaki epidemic, which has led to several months of lockdowns last year, followed by a partial curfew. However, things are slowly returning to normal in the country. Vaccination is in full swing in the country. So far, millions of people have been vaccinated. Kuwaiti officials say the airport is expected to open to foreign passengers by the end of this month and other commercial, business, cultural and recreational activities will resume by the end of this month. According to Kuwaiti media, June, July and August will be the most important and decisive months for the country in terms of the Corona epidemic.

Because by the end of August, about 1.5 million people in Kuwait will be vaccinated. This means that more than 40% of the country’s population would have been vaccinated. Due to which the situation in the country will return to normal. Kuwaiti officials say they hope foreign flights will be allowed to arrive in Kuwait by the end of this month. The decision to resume flight operations will be taken in the light of the Corona cases. People who have had one of Kuwait’s approved vaccines will be allowed to come to Kuwait.

However, those who have been vaccinated in other countries during Qiya who are not registered in the Kuwaiti state will be given a dose of an approved vaccine upon arrival in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti government plans to start nursery classes with Corona SOPs in September. By this month, 60 percent of students and teachers will have been vaccinated. Therefore, in case of opening of the school, the risk of the spread of Corona cases will be less. However, if the ratio decreases, schools will be gradually restored.

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