Make Money Online Playing Video Games

Play Games In Mobile and Earn Money is Simple. Do you like to play games and use your favorite hobby to make money? There are other ways to make money that will make you realize that you can play games.

Never tell anyone that you can’t make money playing video games – thousands of people do it every day! Here you need to know if you want to learn how to make money playing video games.

Yes, you can make money playing games online and even on your phone. Real money-making games that play. This article will show you exactly how it all works. It answers a lot of questions about how you can make money online just by playing games.

Make Money Online Playing Video Games

It also shows you how you can easily get started in the game, regardless of your current abilities. Yes, you don’t have to be an expert gamer to get paid to play games. It’s really a hobby to make money, whether you’re an expert or not. Most importantly, this article also shows you the 17 best sites or apps that pay you to play games.

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Gone are the days of playing games just for fun. Now you can play for fun and play as you like! This is a wonderful time to be born, especially thanks to the combination of the Internet and mobile technology.

How To Make Money Playing Online Games On Your Phone

  • To make money from playing online games, you first need to open an account on a website or game app.
  • This article contains many such websites and apps. You must also have an account with one of the leading payment platforms so that they can receive payments as soon as they are received.
  • In most cases, you will need to download and install game apps. You must also ensure that all registration procedures are followed.
  • Some game sites or apps have different rules and regulations. It is very important to follow this, so please stop reading before registering.
  • Whether you’re an iPhone or an Android user, there are specific instructions for downloading and installing game files on your mobile phone in accordance with OS requirements. Again, be sure to read this before you begin.
  • Registration for most online games is usually after / or verifying your email address. Of course, you should use a real email address, especially the one you check regularly.
  • It will be used to confirm your entry and possibly follow up with you on other important details later.
  • To make money playing games with most of these apps you need to earn points or coins from your plays. For many of these people, these bonuses can later be translated into cash and paid for you directly in your payment platform. And yes, many of them will pay directly into your PayPal account.
  • No, you don’t usually have to pay to join the original website and/or apps. In general, they are completely free to join and earn points or more.
  • Everyone listed in this article is completely free to join, so you can start with them


Swagbucks is a popular website for making money from online shopping and surveys and getting some work done and earn money online. They also pay you to play games on your phone, thanks to a partnership with GSN Games.

When you complete some missions you play games and get a Swagbucks (SB). You can then exchange your earned points or exchange them for a gift card and even get your money in your PayPal account.

You can also get your money to use for targeted shopping, Amazon, etc. A great Swagbucks app will help you get SB easily. Adding these tips daily will ultimately pay off.

Swagbucks only pays you for activities other than playing games. They even pay you to watch various YouTube videos. They also pay when you do other activities such as surveying, surfing the web, and – believe it or not – just shop online.

Inbox Dollars

InboxDolsars has an app that you like to help you make money playing games on your phone. It works in 3 easy steps. One, you need to use the app to find free games that you can play. Second, you are training to play those games for free. Third, you receive cashback prizes by participating in the games offered – GSN (Game Show Network).

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You can earn from casino games and get 18% cashback on token packs and boosters you buy during the game. Or you can win a tournament game where you get 0.5% -2% cashback on every dollar you spend on a cash cycle. If you are one of those people who can be frustrated and need 10 quickly, this could cost you as much as 10.

Earning Station

This is another high-quality site that pays you to play games as well as do a lot of things online. Specifically, they pay you to Play games online or on your phone, Watch entertainment and other videos on the Internet, Online shopping in groups, Do the survey, You can get your paid prize via Amazon, Visa, or even PayPal directly.

And the most amazing thing about Earnings Station is that when you join and you complete the $ 10 page, you get 10 get in 10 minutes. Very easy and straightforward.

Bitcoin Hunter

This app is available on Android and it is a simple game that helps you to find bitcoins. You can take steps towards storage to claim the available bitcoins.

As you still clearly know, bitcoin is a gold mine that makes people profitable. You can also participate in your claim if it is valid. The challenge in this game is that you need to avoid mines to stop the search for your treasure.

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Once you submit your claims, you can send them to your bitcoin wallet, from where you convert your bitcoins into your local currency.

PCH Games

PCH Games is a website that allows members to earn money playing games without having to work online. Through this platform, you will receive instant token games and win games that will help you win a cash prize of up to 1000.

If you play at least one game a day, you will be offered about 2,500 extra tokens. The tokens you receive from this site can be exchanged for gift cards and daily sweep entries where you can earn up to $ 1000 more.


Qriket is an app that can pay you just for playing games. It allows you to pay for the spinning wheel to play or play. You are playing to make money when you turn the wheel provided by this platform. The wheels come in two colors – blue or yellow – which you can choose from

When you spin the wheel, you make between  5 and 10 Dollars. You can also get more free spins if you participate for free. If you see some ads with this app, you will get more courses.

Since you deposit up to $ 25 into your account, you can then withdraw cash via PayPal.Google also offers you up to 100 in real-time cash prizes. You can also get more spin codes if you follow and share details about cricket creators on social media.


CashPirate is an app that you can install and use to make money. You earn points for each game or activity using this app. Other activities include interacting with ads, downloading and trying out other apps and games, watching short videos, and completing instant surveys.

You can transfer points or “coins” to PayPal Cash by playing the game with Cash Parrot. You can cash in when you get at least 2,500 coins, or 50 $2.50.

This means that for every 1000 coins you win, you get Dollar  1. In addition, you will need at least 5000 coins to withdraw bitcoin withdraw $5.

Space Bitcoins

is another app that allows you to make money on your mobile phone. Your goal in this game is to destroy the asteroid. After completing the task at hand, you can then claim your bitcoin and immediately post it in your bitcoin wallet.

This app is developed by XAPO and you can claim three times every 30 minutes and double your rewards if you want. All payments were made to Xapo immediately.

Tap Cash Rewards

This is an app that can reward you for just downloading and playing the game on your mobile device. All you have to do is install this app on your device, download the latest and greatest game and complete the offers by playing the downloaded game to get credit.

You can redeem your own balance for free ballot cards or even pay your money directly into your PayPal account. It can be like passive residual income if you play solo games just for fun. You pay for what you like and earn something negative from your efforts.

Bitcoin Wonder

This is another app that can help you make money playing games on your phone. Get paid to play with Wonder Bitcoin After installing this app on your device, you start playing and winning by spinning the cool machine.

You can set it to any mode of your choice such as disco mode, madness mode, turbo mode, etc This game is a game of “luck” and you can double your winnings without using any methods. You can, of course, claim which bitcoin coin won during the spin. If you are looking for the lowest way to earn bitcoins by playing online games, this is the app to get you started.

5 Way To Make Unlimited Money Playing Video Games

Become a streamer

You can visit many places these days. Twitch is one of the most popular options to make Money By Playing Games. If you spend a lot, you can become a Twitch Partner, which pays you $ 3 for every 1000 ad views and for each of your users for 5 months. In addition, viewers often support their favorite broadcast programs.

This is a great option to make money from PayPal by playing video games. It is also noticeable that video game streams are becoming more popular on YouTube.

If you want more information before going to Twitch, be sure to search “How to make money playing Twitch video games”. You don’t need much to get started. Many broadcasters start when you feel comfortable and buy new equipment over time.

Get a sponsor

Many seats are also patronized. Companies will contact you if they think you can help them understand how valuable their products are to your audience. You need to consider whether you will be happy before you try to sell them.

Do some research first. If you enjoy the company, you can work with them. Sponsors can work with any content creator. So, if you don’t have live streaming, you can still make money playing online games.

Note that our sponsors will also “search” for you at the same time. They can watch your old videos to determine if you have someone they would like to partner with. Most of the time, if you promote a good sponsor, they will still bid for you.

YouTube. Posting YouTube videos

If you prefer to pre-record and upload your videos, YouTube is the best place to keep them. You can start the download from any device you have. Also, the content of the video game you create is up to you.

You can use a capture card to connect your console to your computer, where you can record your gameplay footage. The Xbox One, though, has a Twitch app that lets you stream without a capture card. However, if you need to know how to make money playing video games on Xbox One, you are more likely to need a capture card to upload to YouTube.

Some people post reviews and tutorials to play games and interactive videos. There are many different options on this site. Anyone looking for a guide to making money playing YouTube video games just needs to know:

Getting started is the hardest part. Once you find a genre and audience that suits you, it’s a lot of fun to play games on YouTube! Plus, you’ll be making money playing video games at the same time.

Go to the professional level

Why not become professional athletes? These talented players compete all over the world – you can earn a lot of money by playing in the programs you organize. The Dota 2 International Championship and Major League Games are the most famous.

If you enjoy sports, you already know how much it costs to join these teams. Many players choose a game in which they are good and then keep playing until they have mastered it. You can find teams online that are looking to add new talented players.

Professionals can play games on any console or computer, so you have a lot of options. If you are wondering how to make money playing video games on PS4, Fortnight, Overwatch, and Rocket League then these are interesting and popular games.

Game test

Do you like to run fast and try to break the “game”? Game testers are being paid to do so! They find bugs in games, so developers can try to make all kinds of changes before starting the game.

During the test, you will also be asked how much fun the game is or if you enjoy playing it. The video game is used as a quality control system to test the game before it is released to the public. All major brands use gaming testers. You may also find yourself working with independent developers.

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