NVS Soft Kuwait Civil ID Delivery Status

About NVS Soft Kuwait and Benefits

NVS Soft is a UAE-based enterprise information management solution developer that focuses on industries such as healthcare, banking, financial services, telecommunications, government, and the public sector. NVS Soft is a privately owned company founded in 2003, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, regional offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, and value-added and system integrators distributors and distributors. A network has spread in the Middle East. North Africa, and the South Asian region.

NVS Soft sowed the seeds in 1986 with the creation of a small software development house, Nanofer. Neonofar has gained extensive experience through the successful development of a number of solutions, including desktop publishing and digital mapping. Ninevar later focused on information management and ArcMate (Document Management System) in 1996, Triton Web Content Management System in 1998, and Exim News Management System in 2001.

In 2003, New Vision Systems Inc. was founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs from across the region. It has fully acquired Nanofer and its team and continues to develop software solutions to international standards. In 2004, New Vision Systems was renamed NVSSoft and retained its new name, New Vision Systems.

NVS Soft Kuwait Civil ID Delivery Status

In a sustained effort to develop its electronic services, the Public Information Authority (PIA) has begun issuing citizen ID cards to citizens and residents in collaboration with New Vision Systems, a leading company in the field of information technology and delivery services. Visit the application PACI website https: //delivery.paci.gov.kw then fill in your data and complete the payment process, and then the call center will contact you to confirm the time and location of your delivery. Will contact Representative, hand over the old card to verify your personal data through the scanner, then hand over the new card to you, and make sure the card is enclosed in an envelope. Your personal information is printed on it with the logo of the Authority.Fore More Information Visit NVS Official website Click Here

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