People living in Saudi Arabia should not travel at noon for the next 60 days

Saudi Arabia is, in fact, a vast desert region. The deserts here are called the land of death. If an unknown person is trapped in these deserts, it becomes very difficult for him to survive. Dozens of people get lost in these deserts every year. Especially in the summer season, the deserts here heat up like a blazing fire. Extreme temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius and dehydration are enough to survive. This time too, record heat is expected in Saudi Arabia. In this regard, the famous Saudi meteorologist Dr. Khalid Al-Zaaq has warned the people that during the next two months, locals and migrants should avoid long journeys in the afternoon.

Over the next 60 days, there will be unbearable heat in the desert, which could pose a serious threat to human health and life,” he said in his message. During these two months, dust storms will also cover the desert areas and the highways that pass through them. Hot winds blowing along with the winds will also affect the vision, which requires drivers to drive very carefully and adhere to the speed limit. It will be hot in the afternoon, especially in the Jazan and southwestern regions of Saudi Arabia. People who have to travel far should leave home early in the morning or it would be appropriate to leave in the evening, otherwise they may find it difficult to get home.

The Saudi rescue team rescued the man at a time when he was only a guest for a few minutes. According to Saudi media, a local man got lost in the desert area between Riyadh and Jubail. After receiving the report, a volunteer team of 17 people was sent to search for him. After a five-hour search, the man was found half-dead. Khalid Al-Issa, the head of the volunteer team, said that the local youth was in a very bad condition due to fatigue and lack of water. It would not have been possible to save his life if it had taken a little longer to reach him. Khalid Al-Issa urged the people to keep plenty of food and drink with them while traveling in the desert area and also location devices. Put together Otherwise, the risk of them getting lost and dying increases.

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