PM Imran Khan’s message to PDM I Don’t care if he goes to power

PM Imran Khan has said that he makes an impression on the PDM that in the event that he goes to control, he couldn’t care less, which processing plants did I fabricate or offer presents to my family members? I don’t have any cash from the public authority with the exception of movement and security, I bear all the costs myself, I will work for law and order as long as I live.

PM Imran Khan’s message to PDM I Don’t care if he goes to power

Tending to the country live on state television, he said, “My Pakistani! The Senate political decision was held, it is important to converse with the country, the manner in which the Senate political race was held, the country’s issues are associated with it, initial 6 years prior the PTI partook in the Senate political race, at that point I understood that the Senate Cash runs in races, it has been running cash for a very long time, MPs are purchased to become representatives, what a joke it is, the authority of the country.

Indeed, then again those MPs who sell their inner voice and vote, I at that point said that there ought to be an open voting form, in our first senate political race 20 of our individuals were reserved, we removed them from the gathering, PPP and PML-N The two of them chose in the CDO that the Senate political race ought to be open. At the point when these gatherings didn’t uphold us, we went to the High Court. In the meantime, the appointed authorities additionally said that cash is streaming. In the meantime, a video came out which showed the mysterious voting form of the Political decision Commission. Conflicted with

The High Court has consistently said that it is your obligation to hold an open voting form. All the gatherings have met up on this. I ask the inquiry for what valid reason now everybody demanded that the open polling form is against vote based system and the constitution, they didn’t know previously? I put before the country what was the deal? Since the time our administration came, degenerate pioneers have been hesitant to proceed with our defilement cases.

While these cases are old, the instances within recent memory won’t be even 5%, I said on a principal day that all these bad individuals will meet up. Their lone objective is to squeeze me that I go under pressure like Musharraf and give NRO. The FATF has put us on the dark rundown. On the off chance that we don’t consent to the details of the FATF, they will put us on the boycott. This will make the rupee fall and swelling to rise.

Power, oil, beats, ghee, wheat, whatever you import, things will turn out to be more costly. The law that we needed to make for FATF gave its focuses that initially cancel Grab, at that point FATF will uphold enactment. Essentially, he went to the High Court and said that we need a mysterious voting form, the motivation behind which was to win Yousuf Raza Gilani by giving cash and to give the feeling that Imran Khan doesn’t have a larger part in the House, Hafeez Sheik needed to crush our lion’s share is no more. ۔

He said that I had sufficient cash to win my life, I didn’t require anything to enter governmental issues, 55 years before today, Pakistan was given a model on the planet. Our Leader was invited at the air terminal by the Leader of the US in the US. At the point when our nation began going down, governmental issues were utilized to fabricate plants.

Legitimacy in legislative issues was intended to change this framework. I invested energy in the West, I went to the nations of the world, the thing that matters is equity which makes the nation go down, the Blessed Prophet set up law and order and equity in the territory of Madinah. Gone, the burglary of the Executive debilitates the country as I’m the Leader and on the off chance that I put resources into a forced project, I can make 30 billion out of one arrangement.

The cost is paid by individuals, on the grounds that the expense of power goes up with the development of 130 billion ventures, and the cost is paid by the country. This is the account of the relative multitude of helpless nations, consistently 1,000 billion dollars goes from the helpless nations to the rich nations, when the executive and the priest submit debasement, the nation gets frail and needs to get, which makes the dollar fall and the rupee to fall. Is.

Pakistan’s complete spending plan is 60 billion, of which 10 billion is yearly illegal tax avoidance. Musharraf, regardless of being in power, went under pressure and gave NRO. Because of this NRO, obligations have expanded. A big part of the assessment we gather goes to take care of obligations. Leader Imran Khan said that he realized that cash planned to run in the Senate, so they revitalized against the open polling form.

Yousuf Raza Gilani’s child was circulating cash, purchasing individuals’ still, small voice. Our ladies who were previous PPP individuals disclosed to us that they were called and offered Rs 2 crore. The High Court allowed the chance to open the voting forms. You have harmed the popular government by saving the selling MNEs. What model would we say we are setting for our childhood society? When the country’s initiative offers an incentive, will the Patwaris recuperate?

I have over and over told the Political decision Commission that the rates have gone up and the offers have gone up. When the High Court gave the Political race Commission an opportunity, at that point what was the explanation that the Political decision Commission couldn’t put standardized tags on 1500 voting form papers? You have given full freedom, the Political race Commission has saved the individuals who are taking votes. Where will he get this cash from? At that point they say debasement has expanded, it is currently up to individuals of Pakistan whether they need to bring the nation up or down, the country Kapisa that was taken isn’t mine, it is our own, they do everything on the agreement, alone The law can’t end defilement, the country can end defilement.

Eventually, I would say that they felt that they would balance the blade of doubt on me, so perhaps under tension, I would end their cases.

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