Saudi Arabia will announce a fashion show for female models

Saudi Arabia has for centuries been known as a traditional country where women were confined to the walls and curtains of the home. However, current Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to identify Saudi Arabia as a moderate state. To this end, they have opened the doors of many fields to women. Apart from this, cultural activities are also being organized in the country. Which is also disliked by a section of the state. Saudi Arabia will now host a fashion show for female models, which will also be broadcast live. the Fashion Commission of Saudi Arabia has announced a new digital initiative which will start next week with an event that will be broadcast live from Riyadh and New York.

Introduced in 2019 as the first program dedicated to the fashion sector in Saudi Arabia, Fashion Futures Live: Progress towards Sustainability and Innovation will relaunch on June 17 as a digital platform. Saudi Arabia and the United States The simultaneous event will be presented online to participants through a special interactive virtual platform. We have the privilege of hosting some of the world’s biggest minds in business sustainability. We can discuss these serious issues today, especially the corona virus epidemic,” said Barack Obama, CEO of the Fashion Commission. That Saudi Arabia can serve as an example for launching a modern, sustainable and appropriate fashion sector locally and internationally.

According to the schedule, another live broadcast will take place in Riyadh in December. Muhammad Khoja, a Saudi fashion designer and founder of the luxury fashion brand Hindmi, said the new forum created another building block to further cultural exchanges between Saudi Arabia and the West. He told Arab News that this would highlight the importance of talent in the country. It will also foster cooperation and partnership. 21-year-old Saudi student Kanda Jambi told Arab News that it seems that our country is on a new path of such opportunities. The country needs us to stand with our colleagues from all over the world. He said that I am planning to adopt this field as a career. He said that now fashion is not just a hobby but it has become a job.

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