10 Best Places to Sell Old Stamps for Cash

Wondering where to sell old stamps? Whether you have a collection of rare old stamps or just a collection of some new and expensive stamps, there are many places and people who buy stamps near you and online. With a long history of stamps (interesting fact: Britain issued the first stamp on May 6, 1840!), There are tens of thousands of rare and unique stamps. In today’s post, I will cover how you can sell mail and earn more money. You can sell all kinds of stamps, including:

  1. American Stamps
  2. Foreign stamps
  3. Mint Stamp
  4. Used stamps
  5. Singles
  6. Block
  7. Sheets
  8. Albums
  9. Vintage  stamps
  10. Modern stamps

How do I know if my stamps are valuable?

Stamps are generally divided into two categories.

  1. Stamps issued after 1930
  2. Stamps issued before 1930

Basically, stamps issued after 1930 are worth the price. This means that the class printed on it is worth the price. So, if you have an American stamp from the 1950s that says “3 cents”, that’s 3 cents today. Although you may think that the stamps issued in 1930 are antiquated, they are considered modern in the world of phytoliths collectors. Stamps issued before 1930 are usually worth more than their face value. Some stamps can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Generally, collecting stamps were issued before 1930. But this does not mean that all stamps issued before 1930 are valuable. Before 1930, many stamps were common and had no significance. However, many of these items are rare and require high prices from stamp collectors. So it’s not just the age of the stamp that determines its value, but also its rarity. If you think you may have some rare stamps in your collection, you may want to consider having them checked by an authorized stamp dealer.

Best Places to sell old stamps In High Price

Well, now that you know a lot about the price of stamps, let’s start with the list. Here are the best places to sell your tickets to get the most money.

1. eBay and other online auction sites
If you do not have a large store or your collection is of special importance, you may want to sell it on eBay. You can set your own price, which is great because you have more control over how much money you make selling your tickets. Keep in mind that eBay charges you a commission on your sales. So keep that in mind when selling your goods. Sell ​​stamps on eBay here
2. West Coast Stamp Company
The West Coast Stamp Company buys stamp collections of any size and from every country. It also provides a free stamp collecting assessment. West Coast Stamp will pay for the shipping of your stamp set or your travel. The best thing is that you pay by bank transfer on the same day.

3. Miller Stamp Company
Miller Stamp bought value stamps, especially the well-positioned “Classic United States before 1930.” Not a big selection, according to the company. You can send your stamps to the company or you can schedule an appointment and bring your tickets for sale in person. It is a legitimate place to sell, as the company is a member of the American Fellowship Association (ASDA), the American Stamp Society (APS), and many other reputable organizations.

4. Worldwide Stamp.com
Worldwide Stamps.com buys state-of-the-art intermediates for state-of-the-art stamp sets around the world. This includes unused mail, old letters, and American correspondence. This is often followed by individual country groups with only one country having an album or a narrow group of countries. He also likes large volume global groups, often Scott Blue International Albums or Minx Global Albums. You can find out more about the types of companies the company is looking for on its website.

5. Mystic Stamp Company
Mystic Stamp Company has been in the stamp industry since 1923! In the last five years, the company has spent over 70 70 million and is looking for more stamps to purchase. You can send your tickets to the Mystic Stamp Company and the company will pay you on the spot.

6. Sotheby’s
If you have some rare stamps in your collection, call Sort by. Sort by is an auction company specializing in art, jewelry, watches, wine, real estate, and collectibles. With Sort by, you can sell rare stamps on shipment. The world’s most expensive stamp, a British Guiana 1C Magenta stamp, sold for 9,480,000 in Sotheby’s, New York. On the website, you can estimate stamp collection.

7. American philatelic society
Are you a member of the American Fellowship Association? If so, you can sell your stamps through the organization. APS helps members to buy and sell flatty items. It has two sales options, either through circular mail sales or online at the stamp store

You can learn more about how these sales options work on the Philatelic Society of America website, linked to this section. Now, if you are not a member of the American Stamp Association, you will need to sign up for membership, up to $ 45 a year if you are in the United States and up to $ 65 a year for those outside the United States. It will cost. . New members under the age of 30 pay $ 25 per year for their membership.

8. Sell unused stamps
To sell unused stamps, you can sell unused stamps and stamps forever. The great thing is that the company offers a few different payment options, including PayPal, check, and bank transfer.

9. Apfelbaum, Inc.
Since 1910, Appellam, Inc. has been buying and selling high-quality stamps. You can get instant cash payments and send your stamps to the company for free. The best part is that Applebam, Inc. They will give you a comprehensive overview of stamp collecting for free. It also travels to view and classify stamp collection.

Where do I sell cash stamps?

Well, if you don’t want to sell online, you want to know that you have places to buy stamps near you. Now, some of the aforementioned companies have allowed you to sell stamps online and in person, even to Apple Boom, Inc. You travel to view and rate ticket receipts. However, in this section, I have included the places that sell stamps near you.

10. Yard sales
Selling your old stamps in the yard can be a great option.

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