10 Best Places to Sell YuGiOh Cards

Want to know where UGO cards are sold? Then this is the post for you. Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the most popular commercial card games with 25 billion card sales. If you have some cards that you no longer need, you should definitely consider selling them.

How much money you get depends on your specific cards. Fortunately, there are sites that you can use to determine the price of UG-Oh cards in your collection, such as YUGIOHPapers.com. Some of the places I have mentioned below will also be helpful in giving the price for sale to your deposit. Now, out of reach, let’s get on the list.

Where To Sell YU GI Oh cards

Here are some of the best places to find people and stores that buy Uh oh cards

1. Dave and Adam’s shop 
Dave and Adam will buy the only UG-Oh card. This includes cards such as Super, Ultimate, Ultra, and Secret Races.

The site offers a variety of payment options, including cash, PayPal, and check.

2. TCG Player Market Place
On the TCG Player Marketplace, you can sell your card. Can keep You don’t have to pay any setup or menu fees. When selling, the site charges a commission.

It’s a great place to sell UGO cards because you can sell them to millions of active users around the world.

You can access product descriptions and images for tens of thousands of holdings, access to pricing data, and 100 to 100 fraud-related protections.

3. Reddit (r / YGOMarketplace)
R / YGOMarketplace is a branch store for buying and selling U / G OH cards and other UGO OH related products. This is a good option because it helps you control the sales process.

4-Local card shops
One of the best places to sell cards is at local card stores. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to sell your cards, this is definitely a good option. A lot of people have reported on sites like Reddit and Kowra that they have succeeded.

The only downside to selling a local card is that you don’t always get the best rates. This is because these stores want to buy your card to resell for a profit, so they will usually offer you a lower price than that and what will you sell it for? ۔

However, for convenience, this is one of the best options. You can find a store near you by entering the terms “near me card store” or “near me uu oh card stores”. This should get you to the nearest store. It’s a good idea to call ahead to make sure the store is actually buying cards.

5. eBay
eBay is a great place to sell cards. This is because you can set your own rates. This means you will have more control over the selling process.

Also, you can list up to 50 items for free. eBay gets a 10% commission when you sell your cards. So keep that in mind when you sell your card.

6. Cardmarket
The card market is another to consider. This is a European online marketplace for buying and selling TCG cards, including U-Gi-Oh cards.

The site has a sales guide, you can check out the page attached in the title of this section.

7. Sell2BB Novelties.com
Sell2BBNovelties.com offers two options for selling U-Gi-Oh cards:

  1.  View individual list prices for each card and add what you want to sell to your cart. You can find the UPC barcode or type the name on the package.
  2.  You can wholesale your collection at a fixed price without having to search each card one by one.
  3. Cards will be in minutes or in new condition.

8. Card Trader
With Card Trader, you can sell cards to players around the world. You can sell your cards there for free.

When selling items, you pay a ٪ 5 fee. You can withdraw your winnings via bank transfer.

9. Core TCG
You can sell your personal individual UG-OH cards at Corti CG. He buys big and small groups, which is a good thing.

You cannot sell damaged or disconnected cards. Therefore, creased, bent, negative, or worn cards are not accepted.

Be sure to read our sales guidelines, as Core TCG has stated that not following any of its guidelines will reduce the total amount by 20% without exception. So, yes, be sure to read these instructions!

The company pays you by check, PayPal, or store credit. It also offers a 20% increase in store trade on non-bulk items.

10. Game Goblins
The store offers a shopping list of the cards they are looking for, which is helpful. The site says that it always buys UGO cards and that it uses the low cost of TCG player as a base and offers up to 65 cash of the current price of the card in cash.

Or, you can choose to get store credit and receive an additional 25% cash offer as a trade-off. Company buyers will rate your card and offer it to you. You can use the contact form to contact the sale of your cards.

Which YU-GI_OH cards are worth Money?

According to YuGiOhPrices.com, the 5 most expensive cards are:

Chamber Dragon Maid : Immortal Code: (Starlight Rare) – 9 389.00

Eria The Water Charmer, Gental: Eternal Code: (Starlight Rare) – 6 376.74

Trishula, Ice Barrier Dragon: Blazing Vertix: (Starlight Rare) – 5 345.00

Dark Magician Girl: Event Pack Speed ​​Dual: (General) – 199.99

Ten Thousand Dragons: Battles of Legend: Armageddon: (10,000 Rare) $ 188.89
You can read more about the most expensive YU-Gi-Oh cards here.

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