#ShahbazGill Shahbaz Gill ink and Egg hurled at LHC Video

#ShahbazGill Shahbaz Gill ink and Egg hurled at LHC Video.Engaging in the media after the episode, Gill dubbed her Gunda gardi emphasizing that she was healthy. They threw in the ink of their dark deeds,” he said, swearing that they would not retaliate in the same way. We will not replace 10 slaps in one place. We will not panic as an organization for trading their curses.”

A veil covered with black ink and a splashed egg was seen on the grounds of the Lahore High Court on Monday. The LHC had rounded up Gill with a request to investigate a criminal case registered by Islampura police over his objection. Tahir Mobeen and Turkish residents Cemil Senocak and Yemen Yemenoglu have written the petition.

Shahbaz Gill ink and Egg Black face

shahbazgill black face

Police registered the main data report on Jan 13 against applicants under the 419, 420, 468, and 471 areas of the Pakistan Correctional Code (PPC). They argued that Gill used his political position to obtain produced evidence that contradicted them.

A criminal complaint under the slander case also comes from Gill by M / s Stage Turizm Tasimacilik, Al-Bayrak Gathering’s organization’s assistant. The organization was looking for an unusual right-wing job under sections 499 and 500 PPCs by measuring the counterfeit charges they face.

When Gill went to court to hear the application, the staff had a place with the PML-N and threw eggs and ink at him. It is clear, however, that Gill was definitely aware of the PML-N staff program. In a preliminary tweet to go to court, SAPM said it knew through part of its authors that there had been an “attack” on him. I am the driver of Imran Khan. I will go to court, I will not be afraid of you. We are confident in doing legal matters,

In a later press release, Gill re-evaluated his cases which he knew about the PML-N staff program in advance. “The top three writers have revealed to me that you will be beaten [so] don’t come,” he said, adding that he was encouraged to take the case to court in Rawalpindi.

“No, I will fight this case from here,” SAPM said. I will not even expose PTI staff to committing the same type of violence with PML-N pioneers, adds Gill.

After that, some PTI pioneers denounced the SAPM Gill attack and scrutinized PML-N in support of the attack. Shireen Mazari, a liberal activist, confirmed that the “PML-N violence” has been significant in their way of life since their superiors conceived in Zia fascism. ”

“The perpetrators” in the current incident “were following the tradition of their chiefs who attacked the Supreme Court”, he said, describing the parties’ disappointment with the new Senate decisions.Priad for Businesses and Creation Hammad Azhar also confirmed that the attack was planned in advance.

“It is clear that the full determination was achieved in the attack on Shahbaz Gill [in the same way] that (PML-N pioneer) Javed Latif said every word to his Pakistani proclamation enemy after the full order [and] authorization of the assembly action.

This is not the first time that experts in the industry have angered SAPM. While aware of the critical case last month, PML-N staff raised a volume of insults to Gill and the PTI government while the unusual partner went to the Lahore Legal Complex. Staff chanted slogans of “atta chor, cheeni chor” (hoodlum flour and sugar) to insult the leader’s unique hand. They followed Gill until he removed from the area.

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