The black fog of making black notes into real notes has been exposed in Shar-e-Quaid

The smuggling of black notes into real notes has been exposed in Shar-e-Quaid while the group involved in this black smuggling has also been arrested. According to the details, the black fog of making black notes into original notes was exposed in Shar-e-Quaid. In this regard, the brigade police also arrested a three-member inter-provincial group during the operation. According to the brigade police, a woman is also involved in the inter-provincial gang involved in black money. SP Jamshed Division Farooq Bijarani said with reference to the operation that the accused of the inter-provincial gang had laundered millions of rupees to the innocent citizens.

The accused acted in such a way that some of the original notes were pre-painted in black, after which the black color was removed and the original notes and counterfeit bundles were seized. SP Jamshed Division said that citizens were tempted to buy bundles and chemicals at low prices. The SP said that the accused involved in this group had been arrested from Khanewal and Karachi before and had gone to jail.

SP Farooq Bijarani further said that the video of the arrest of the counterfeiters who converted black notes into genuine notes is also available on YouTube. In the operation against the accused, counterfeit goods were recovered while various chemicals and bundles of papers were also recovered from the accused. Residents of Shar-e-Quaid expressed astonishment at the cleverness of the inter-provincial gang, saying how criminals continued to collect money by fooling naive citizens. While the police also warned the citizens in this regard and said that beware of such criminals.

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