The bridegroom’s handkerchief, the bride put the sweets on her face

The bridegroom’s handkerchief, the bride put the sweets on her face. Various rituals are performed on the occasion of marriage all over the world. Sometimes the ritual of milk ply is performed, sometimes the ritual of sweetening the mouth is performed and on the occasion of performing such rituals, sometimes interesting and sometimes surprising There is also a viral video on social media in which a ceremony is being held between the bride and groom standing on the stage during the wedding ceremony.

The bride is given a plate of sweets to put in the mouth of the bridegroom, but when the bride carries the laddu in her hand, the bridegroom’s fists reach the heights of the sky, after which the bride kisses the fists of the famous husband. Brings to the earth that its fourteen layers become bright.
The bride and groom often show hesitation during the wedding ceremony, but in a recent video, the groom’s hesitation or flirtation made his bride tremble.

The video of the wedding in India is going viral on social media in which the bride was offered sweets to sweeten her groom’s mouth during the wedding ceremony. The bride picked up the sweets from the plate and reached out to feed the groom but After a few seconds, when the bridegroom did not eat the sweets in embarrassment and hesitation, the bride got a little angry and threw the sweets. The video has gone viral due to the angry behavior of the bride on social media and social media users. Some are calling the video a forced marriage, while others are saying that the bride should have had a little patience because the groom was ashamed.

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