The hard work of two Pakistani delivery boys based in Dubai opened their fortunes

If a person works hard, he can improve his quality of life and earn a lot of respect. Many times this hard work brings wealth and honor as well as fame. Something similar happened to two Pakistani employees of a food delivery company based in Dubai. The owner of the company has announced to give them 50, 50 thousand dirhams (approximately Rs. 21 lakh) as a bonus for their excellent performa. when two Pakistanis working in food delivery in Dubai were informed that their employer had approved to pay them a bonus of 50, 50 thousand dirhams or 14 thousand dollars per person, they first thought. That may be a joke, but it’s surprisingly true.

The two lucky ones say that now they will make their life’s dreams come true. Last March, Mohammad Khurram, a Pakistani rider at the online food delivery company Deliver, received a phone call informing him that the bonus amount was 10 times more than his monthly salary as an expression of gratitude, as he had joined the company. I have delivered more than 2,000 orders to customers in the last five years. Khurram, a 35-year-old delivery man, said: “When I received the call for a 50,000 dirham bonus, I was on delivery.

Upon hearing the bonus report, I thought someone was joking with me. I couldn’t believe my luck, “he said.” I made a few phone calls to my seniors to confirm this. When I became convinced, I shared the good news with my loved ones. ”Khurram added:“ Later, I received a letter in the mail confirming the bonus. The Karachi-based deliveryman now plans to start a business in his hometown. He said he wants to open a cafe or restaurant in Karachi and secure a better future for his family. Eight thousand 333 dirhams have been received as the first installment. The remaining amount will be paid to them in the next six months.

Another Pakistani delivery man is Muhammad Zeeshan, who is also the company’s top performer in the UAE. He is from Lahore. Mohammad Zeeshan said, “Like Khurram, I also thought that the reward of 50,000 dirhams was just a joke.” When I received the call, I did not speak to anyone, because I I thought people would make fun of me, but later when the bonus was confirmed by email, I told my family. He was very happy. Muhammad Zeeshan, 35, earns 4,000 dirhams a month. He has also been working for the delivery company for five years. “I dreamed of starting a business in Lahore, but I didn’t know when it would be possible,” he said. After making all the expenses here and sending money to the family, we have very little money left but the bonus makes a big difference.

“Deliver serves the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Netherlands,” said Will Shaw, founder of the company. Over the years, these riders have helped businesses more than just provide food, enabling vulnerable people or those who have isolated themselves to stay indoors during the global Corona epidemic. The company has offered bonuses ranging from 23 238 to 14 14,000 and 36 36,000 to its top performing employees worldwide this year.

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