The Iraqi woman anchor set a new example of patience and courage

Reading news on a TV channel or becoming an anchor is not an easy task. It requires strong nerves. Sometimes there are news stories that make you cry when you read them. Many times female anchors cry online and many barn news bulletins or shows end all the bonds of confiscation are broken in the form of continuous tears. A similar incident took place in Iraq, where a TV channel host appeared on the TV screen with her program and was overwhelmed with grief and sorrow. According to Al-Arabiya News, the reason for the female host’s condition was that she had received the news of her elder brother’s death just minutes before it was on air.

During the Iraqi channel Tigris’ Al-Qarar Lakum program, female host Sehar Abbas told the viewers that the reason for her sadness and grief is that she had just received the news of the death of her elder brother Major General Tariq Abbas Jamil. The hostess also apologized to the audience for not being able to control her emotions while on air. According to Sahar, despite hearing the news of her brother’s death, she maintained her decision to present the program so that the country The latest incidents that took place in India could be conveyed to the viewers.

It should be noted that some time ago, there was an incident in India when the newscaster read the news of an accident on a news channel and realized that he was killed in the accident. The victim is none other than her husband, who went to another city for some work. Her eyes watered when a photo of her car and other details surfaced, but she finished the story with great enthusiasm and then burst into tears as the camera moved away from her.

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