The Saudi government has given a big discount to those who do not pay their electricity bills

There are millions of Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia for employment. Some of them have to pay the electricity and water bills themselves. The current Corona epidemic has affected many people’s incomes, making it difficult for them to pay their electricity bills. The Saudi government has made an important announcement in view of the concerns of the people, under which electricity bills can be paid in installments. According to Urdu News, the Saudi power company has said that in case of warning of disconnection if the bill is not paid, the customer will have to deposit 50% of the required amount.

The remaining amount will be paid in the next bill. Only then can the user avoid disconnection. Consumers can request payment of old bills in installments,” he tweeted on the official account of the Saudi power company’s care center. The application can also be submitted on the company’s website and through the Al-Kharba app. One user asked if he had received a message from the company asking him to pay the electricity bill by a certain date.

The message states the amount of the bill and also warns that if the bill is not paid by the due date, the connection will be disconnected. In response to which the company has clarified. The new electricity bill has been specially designed by the Saudi Electricity Company. It is showing important information and statistics of interest to the consumers. Error identification has been made easier. The difference between the previous reading of the meter and the new reading is also recorded and it is also stated when and how much the bill was borne by the user.

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