The sword of incompetence is hanging over Imran Khan. He may be incompetent

The sword of incompetence is hanging over Imran Khan. He may be incompetent. The manner in which Imran Khan spoke after the re-election in Daska and the decision of incompetence of the government machinery and his ministers also criticized the Election Commission echoed four hundred times. After winning the election, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while standing in the House, used embarrassing words for the Election Commission and accused the Election Commission of being biased.

The sword of incompetence is hanging over Imran Khan. He may be incompetent


Talking on the same topic in a program on a private TV channel, former Chief Election Commissioner Kanwar Dilshad said that Imran Khan has tried to make the Election Commission controversial. Apart from embarrassing words, accusations, and slander against the Election Commission Even the Prime Minister was not worthy.

He said that the Election Commission has the powers of the High Court and the Chief Election Commissioner has the same powers as the judge of the Supreme Court, so on this speech of Imran Khan, the Election Commission summoned him in person and took any decision. Can give

Imran Khan has challenged the credibility of the state institution for which he is facing a contempt of court case and if the Election Commission summons him and a verdict is passed against him, then the Prime Minister may be disqualified. Prime Minister Imran Khan should have taken care of the credibility of the Election Commission and should have taken into account the Chief Election Commissioner.

Kanwar Dilshad also said that the Prime Minister had taken a vote of confidence and he should not have done so. Since no no-confidence motion was filed in the House by the opposition or anyone else and this is what the President of Pakistan wrote to him. These words prove that the President of Pakistan has expressed no confidence in the Prime Minister. Therefore, Imran Khan should not make the institutions controversial. Respect for the constitutional institutions including the Election Commission. Also, keep in mind.
In addition to objecting to the ECP and challenging its decision, the Chief Election Commissioner may take legal action against him for using embarrassing words, said former Chief Election Commissioner Kanwar Dilshad.

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