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If you are a gamer or want to use a mobile device on your computer, Nox Launcher is your First Choice Great choice. This is an app called Android Emulator that allows you to enjoy mobile apps on your computer or laptop. Like other programs, Knox App Player has a number of problems, but the most common one used by users is “Unfortunately Knox Launcher has stopped working”. If the Nexus Launcher is not working then there are many solutions available.

If your computer displays the above error message while running Nox, you can fix it by resizing the virtual memory paging file. By default, the amount of virtual memory (also called paging file) is managed by Windows and can be changed automatically. This can lead to the “Nox App Player Stopped Working” issue. To resolve this issue, simply follow the steps below to resize the virtual memory:

This Method is Very Helpful If Nox Launcher has stopped working, here are some solutions to this problem. Unfortunately, Knox Launcher has stopped fixing sharing legitimate solutions through which your Nix Launcher has stopped the problem.

Method No 1 Unfortunately, Nox Launcher has Stopped Working

Unfortunately, Nox Launcher has Stopped Working

1. Right-click the Computer icon on the desktop and click Properties to Fix Nox Launcher

2. Go to the advanced system settings in the left navigation panel.

3. In the “System Properties” windows, go to the “Advanced” tab and click “Settings” under “Performance”.

4. Continue to go to the Advanced tab and click on the “Change” button

5. Uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers” and select “Custom size” below. Usually when setting your virtual machine size, it is recommended to set it to your physical memory x 1.5. For example, if it is a memory stick Your computer is 2GB, you can set the default memory between 2048M to 4096M. Once the entry is finished, remember to click the “Set” button and then the “OK” button

6. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Try This Above Method Here you are Now Nox should work fine to play any Android games on PC again.

Method No 2 Run Nox Player with Different Launcher Application

Sometimes, your latest Windows update is either Windows 10 or other Windows that is stopping Nix Player from working. You need to run Knox Player with a different launcher and I recommend Nova Launcher because it works fine on almost all windows. To launch Nox Player with a different launcher (such as Nova Launcher), you need to follow these steps.

  • Open Windows Security on your computer and go to the app and control the browser.
  • Click Reputation-Based Settings.
  • Mark potentially unwanted apps under “Block Applications”.
  • Download the Nova Launcher app on your computer.
  • Now open Knox Player (now ignore the error). Click on the “+ APK” option.
  • Select the Nova Launcher app file and then click Open.
  • Wait a few seconds for the installation to complete.
  • Now click on the Home icon and select Nova Launcher as your default app launcher, and then you’re done.

Method No 3 Increase the size of virtual memory

Sometimes insufficient memory causes Knox Player to stop working, but you can easily fix it by adding virtual memory. You can increase the amount of virtual memory by following the steps below.

  • Right-click on the Computer icon and go to Properties
  • Click Advanced System Settings
  • Go to the Advanced tab and then click Settings under Performance
  • Go to the Advanced tab and select Change
  • Check the box to automatically manage the paging file size for all drives
  • In the same window, check the Custom Size button and set the initial and maximum size values. For the best experience, the allocated memory should be about 1.5 times your physical memory.
  • Now click the “Set” button to save the values ​​and then click “OK”.
  • Restart your computer to see the results.

Method No 4 Security issues due to anti-virus software

Most antivirus programs do not allow Nix Launcher to run because they mark it as an unreliable program that can be harmful to your computer but is not. All you have to do is disable the anti-virus security features installed on your device and then launch Knox Launcher. Once you launch the Knox app player, re-enable the antivirus features.

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