WhatsApp has introduced a logout feature like Facebook

WhatsApp is a big name in the world of social media. WhatsApp has given a lot of new updates to the people, which has brought a lot of benefits to WhatsApp users. Once again, WhatsApp is not like Facebook. Introducing a new feature that will allow you to open your WhatsApp wherever you want and do it again in any mobile you want. This is an amazing feature. Let’s know about it in full detail.

In Detail WhatsApp has introduced a logout feature like Facebook

There is a lot of good news for the well-known messaging service in which they have introduced a new feature which after testing has now been fully launched in the WhatsApp. What started as a success has now made it possible for all users around the world to have any mobile account of WhatsApp wherever they want, wherever they want. After logging out, the computer loses access to it. Will be done and then again you can take it back to any mobile or laptop

Also, WhatsApp has been installed before. Yes, it has been removed from its website. According to a website that monitors your WhatsApp, the errors in the back have been removed and it is better than before. It has also been put in the Play Store before it will be able to, after which WhatsApp says that if not all of them are in the house, I will suggest more to update this version. Better 21 21 22 Nine should be updated to introduce all the users who will be the first to use all the features that come with it in this WhatsApp in beta.

In this regard, if you use WhatsApp, then you must use WhatsApp Beta, because it contains all the new updates coming to WhatsApp, WhatsApp Beta will be the first to use it and every user will be able to use it. Can be used in your mobile which can be easily updated from Play Store and Google.

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