15 Best Places to Sell Basketball Cards for Cash

If you are wondering where basketball cards will be sold, this is the post for you. In March 2021, the basketball card set a new record for the highest ever paid. The extremely rare Dansk card was sold to an advanced collector at 6 4.6 million! It is now the most expensive card in NBA history.

This is the second-largest purchase of a commercial sports card in history. When it comes to selling basketball cards, this is definitely not the norm, but you can still make money from your savings. Below, I’ll cover the places where you can sell basketball cards online and near you!

Places to buy basketball cards for money

Whether you have a seat or just some very rare and expensive Rocky Basketball Card, these are the best places to find people near you or who buy basketball cards online.

1. Dean’s card
Dan Card buys basketball card sets. She is looking for:

  1. Basketball cards before 1978
  2. Complete set before 1985
  3. Pre-1973 basketball cards by PSA, BVG, and SGC

2. eBay
eBay is a great choice for selling basketball cards. You can set your own rates that give you more control over how much money you make. And since the site receives millions of visitors, you can reach a huge client base.

You can list up to 50 items for free on eBay. After that, you have to pay 0.30 per listing. You also pay a 10% commission when you sell your cards, so keep that in mind when pricing sales.

3. Just Collect
Also, purchase new basketball cards and old basketball cards.

4. Web Store
Web Store is an online auction website where you can sell items in more than one category, including sports cards and gifts. It has a 4.1-star rating on Trust Pilot, which is an “excellent” rating, so this is a legitimate place to sell basketball cards.

The good thing about the web store is that it does not charge a fee for registering your card there and does not charge you a fee or commission for the final price. This means you will keep 100% of the sale price.

5. Yard sales
Well, if you want to know where to sell basketball cards near you, I suggest you sell them at the yard sale. You can take advantage of the market for people who may not shop online, set your own rates, and get instant cash for your basketball cards.

6. ebid
With a 4.2 star rating on Trust Pilot, which is an “excellent” rating, the good basketball card is definitely a legitimate place to sell. Like eBay, it’s an online auction site where you can sell your game cards and gifts.

7. DA Card World
Another place to sell your basketball cards is at DA Card World. The company buys sealed boxes and sports and entertainment card cases. It also buys individual current cards.

8. Bonanza
Bonanza is an auction site like eBay, where you can sell sports cards and gifts, including NBA cards. There is not much competition here, as there are only 25,000 sellers on the site compared to the 25 million sellers on eBay. Bonanza charges no menu fee, which is great! When you sell your item, you pay a ٪ 3.5 commission fee.

.9. Local card shops
There aren’t as many local card stores as there used to be, but you still have a card store where you can sell your basketball cards. You don’t have to pay a high price on sites like eBay because these stores buy cards at a lower price than their price so they can resell them at a higher price.

To search for local stores, open Google, or whatever search engine you use, and then enter the terms “basketball card stores near me” or “sports card stores near me.” If you have stores that sell sports cards, show them to you. Be sure to call in advance to find out if the store is buying a card.

10. Kruk Card
Croc card buyers buy large and small sets. It will review your cards and price you on basketball cards. He has been in the buying and selling business for over 30 years, which makes him very knowledgeable in the market.

11. Craigslist
Craigslist is another great option because you can list things for sale there for free. And you don’t have to pay a commission when you sell a basketball card.

12. Sports Card Pro
You can view your cards for sale on Sports Card Pro. Although the list of cards for sale is free on the site, you will need to pay a processing fee of 2.9% + 30 at the time of sale. Payment is sent directly to your PayPal account.

13. Pawnshops
Another option to consider if you are wondering who buys a basketball card near you is the front store. Many local and online pawn shops buy sports cards. Now, since these stores want to turn things around to make a profit, they usually don’t offer you the best value for their cards.

14. Atomic mall
Atomic Mall has been described as “great” by the trust pilot, making it a legitimate place to sell basketball cards. You can enter your rates, which is great.

15. COMC (Check My Reserves)
COMC is a marketplace where you can buy sports cards, game cards, comics, and much more. You can create a free account and send it to your card company. You can set the price of your order and respond to buyers’ offers. After the cards are sold, you can choose how to win with the following options.

  1. Convert store credit to cash
  2. .Compensate your store balance for buying sealed boxes and cases.
  3. Use store credit to buy other business cards or Bitcoin.

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